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February 14, 2006


I see others have had the same thought.,

Vice president is hunkered down but he can't hide from the jokes

Great Post! Yesterday at Scottie's Press Bluffing, someone asked if the "lag" in the WH communicating about "Deadeye Dick" didn't resemble the WH "lag" about the failure of the N.O.levees.

I think Cheney had been drinking. Why else wait until the next day?

Ah, yes. The thing is not just a metaphor which that fascist slime bastard will never escape, it's a BRAND. It's his forever.

Even that brain-dead 42 percent of people who think the Bush/Cheney cabal walks on water will be able to connect THESE dots.

Why the delay? Obviously because the Big Dick had something to hide. Karl calculated correctly that the negative fallout from the stonewalling would be less than the negative fallout from Dick getting caught being drunk. What other reason could there be?

Karl knows there can't be any happy ending to this sordid story. Either way, Dick is fucked.

Dare we hope that he's finally going to be held accountable for something?

RCD,I agree 100%. The whole "delay" was an excuse to give him time to sober up.

Next headline: Bush leaves the tub running, floods bathroom floor, which collapses onto kitchen workers below, seriously injuring them. "No one could have foreseen the room filling with water when I left the tap on," Bush says. Organizes repair committee with no plumbers, two underpaid engineers, headed by Bush tennis instructor.

Apparently the National Rifle Association propaganda states that there really is no such thing as an accidential shooting -- it is always the responsibility of the Gun Handler to know the place and range of the target as well as the identity.

If I were in the WH Press Corps, I would ask they to debate the NRA policy on this. Why should the NRA rules on accountability not be applied in this instance?

The article in the SF Chronicle this am said that Cheney's age would have exempted him from taking hunter safety classes that are mandatory now in Texas for people born after 1971 when they get hunting licenses. Since they were introduced, hunting accidents have dropped 60%. Another article pointed out that Cheney apparently didn't have a Texas hunting license, either. One person interviewed theorized that Cheney had his finger too close to the trigger (presumably with the safety off) and when he swung in resonse to the flushing of the second covey, it went off.

The metaphors? The rules don't apply to us; they are for the "little people." I don't need to consult experts (or be trained in safety) because I am smarter than everyone and know what's best. Practicing safety is too slow and would interfere with my bagging my bird. If you can't stand being shot, stay away from me.

And, you just can't let these people go around half-cocked, whether it is hunting or foreign affairs.

Especially the latter, and the "rules are for little people" theme. This is a real chance to expose Cheney for the fraud that he is (just like pseudo-cowboy-afraid-of-horses Bush) with the NRA constituency. Rules are there for a reason, and we ALL need to have a clearer sense of the consequences of our actions. We ALL need to listen to people who really understand the dangers of an enterprise.

As to why they waited? I don't know about the drinking. Wouldn't it be bad for Cheney's heart? I think it was rather that he thought (again, following what he believes to be the Clinton example) that he could just brazen it out. He didn't want to take responsibility or have to admit publicly that he screwed up. So they blame the victim, as always. Anyone but Mr. Colossal Screw-up.

the victim of Cheney's shooting is back in the ICU with complications... atrial fibrillation, a 'minor' heart attack, and migrating birdshot now near to and irritating the heart.

According to the press conference on CNN, the cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are 'coordinating his care' with the WH medical staff. WTF is that about? This is a process between the man and his doctors. What has the WH got to do with it?

What if the fellow dies? He's 78, and in excellent health, but there's nothing good about the above report.

This story is not going away.

I have a question. After all the shootings and deaths he's responsible for, do you think this could be the first time Cheney's ever seen a person actually get shot?

"Rules are for little people" -- another great theme, mimikatz; applies to so much these guys do.

emptypockets, I'm guessing he didn't notice at all -- too focused on the "big picture" of those birds, before they got too far away from the cage they'd just been released from. (And you should be a headline writer for the Onion -- I just embarrassed myself here laughing out loud at your first comment...)

Correction: apparently this time the birds were actually flying (sort of) free...but your first comment's still hilarious, e-pockets.

I'm curious if Cheney is actually a friend of this guy? Whittington is a long time friend of Rove - which puts him at odds with Cheney judging from what I've read of Rove and Dick.

Seems kind of ironic to talk about fleeing the scene of a crime on a Ted Kennedy's supporters blog. Anyone see the dripping irony here?

dab: nope. But maybe you could find a 19th or an 18th century analogy that would be equally relevant.

And if that's your best defense, Cheney's history.

dab, by the way, Ignatius also saw the analogy, not ironically. But Nixon's still the one.

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