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January 10, 2006


OT. Among the hundreds of visitors to my biography site after being linked to a story on Salon.com is one that immediately caught my attention. It’s The Asset Forfeiture Section of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, in Western Virginia.

Tell me, please. Since I’ve now clearly proclaimed myself as a fervent anti-Bush Liberal propagandist (see second entry on my blog, below) should I be worried? Do you think I ought to write a letter to Sharon Burnham, Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney and ask her what’s up?


I recently saw large used plastic olive barrels offered for sale as rain barrels in a garden catalog. The olive barrels I have seen are very water tight. Maybe that's what he had. This whole thing is bizarre.

Difficult subject matter, EW. Your literary research and political analysis probably are source materials for this group of academics, as well, though I know little of them other than they, too, would like to encourage peaceful solutions and to defuse the kind of international problems which developing nations all seem to face as they approach the threshold of capacity to make decisions about nuclear power for medical applications, or the more polluting and perilous energy generation or arms pathways. I hope your work, as well, helps those nations to mature their outlook and seek a more humane context for development goals and means.

taken from above the picture of the centrifuge parts: "I expected to be confronted at any moment with the testimony from Hussein Kamel that I had personally kept the master copy of our centrifuge blueprints." p170 of Obeidi's book

Doesn't this quote indicate that the blueprints are the master copy and not "copy 4"?

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