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January 24, 2006


bells ring:
Throughout, he describes his desire to protect his family

Jessica Lynch story... the Iraqi who was nearly blinded and brought to the US, WITH HIS FAMILY, has there been any follow up with this family... or was this FAMILY and its protection, part of the fabricated story

bells ring as I recall instances of references to Chalabi leaks saying they couldn't be verified because it was too dangerous to "family members still in Iraq".

Was Chalabi using the Bush "Family Values" meme, or someone else, or ???

Kurt is ... I cannot dig deeply enough to find a suitable synonym. He has an advantage over us, EW, because he is a bottom feeder who understands the weaknesses of both western and arab logic.


I think his family really HAS gotten to the US. At least David Albright says they did.

The question is what did he do to protect his family while still in Iraq (and Kuwait)?

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