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January 19, 2006


"Just Say No" or "Jst Say, No Fucking way, You've GOT to be Kidding Me!"?

Sigh. They will politely ask members to pretty please say vote no. But we all have our individuality to express. No party discipline, and heaven no, no filibuster.

Make a show of looking like an opposition party, but don't kick the fucking unpopular corrupt inept presidential motherfucker while he's down. Don't frighten the horses.

Sigh. I'm staying away from sharp objects today.

Not that this is likely, or even necessarily desireable, but...

supposing they WERE planning a filibuster. Would it be better to telegraph that widely in advance and let the weekend shows spin and dissect it before it happens, or to convey a strong impression of a principled no vote & get all your arguments laid out and then spring a surprise filibuster (presumably snookering Frist into not having armed his nuclear trigger)? The latter would be a hell of a lot more fun. I wonder if it would be politically better too.

'pockets, you're right, though I don't see it in the cards. They'd have to have made their case for it, and I don't think they did. All they did was prove Biden can't shut up long enough to ask a question... and we already knew that.

You're both right.

The real difference between the parties is the Dems do care about policy and programs, and the republicans care only about rewarding their patrons adn throwing a few sops to the religious right.

The more I think about it, the more it seems the Medicare drug program should be the symbol for all that is wrong with GOP non-governance. It is a simple story--pertinent information withheld by Administration officials, bill negotiated by those who went to work for big Pharma, vote held open and arms twisted to get passage, and no serious effort at implementation. Result: chaos, in some cases life-threatening chaos.

Medicare, for all that talking heads deride it, does a good job of providing health care for seniors, just like Social Security provides a helpful (and in many cases live-saving) benefit. Seniors, and the adult children who care for them, know this.

So the Dems should make this the centerpiece (along with the demonstrable connections to corruption and incompetence) of their 2006 campaign. What was it I suggested a few weeks ago? "If you want government programs that work, vote for the party that believes that government programs CAN work. Vote Democratic." Or something like that.

Others agree that Medicare Part D may be Bush's defining fiasco.

I would not underestimate this justbecause most of us are too young for Medicare.

Mimikatz, we're on it. See also here.

Mark Schmitt has a darker take on our chances of wringing advantage out of the Part D fiasco (or out of corruption, for that matter).

Unfortunately, he doesn't have comments turned on for that post.

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