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January 10, 2006


IIRC, disassitisfaction with government and variants moved up near the top of the list in lat 1993 and remained there until around early 1995, about the time of the OKC bombings.

In other words, holding the WH and both chambers of commerce, the risks of a landslide are getting higher for the Repubs. Because of redistricting, it won't be a 70 seat swing. But it could be significant, especially in the Senate.

They lose in 2006. The only q is how much do they lose? There are a dozen other shoes to drop re Abramoff.

DemFromCT, its folks like you that need to get your party's senators to oppose Alito. If Alito is approved, we will have a Supreme Court that will shred individual liberty and provide legal rulings to support an imperial presidency. It will be too late then. This is the ultimate test of "give me liberty or give me death".

Can the Democrats stand-up for the Constitution? Can they represent a true political opposition party?

Actually, the only way to not get Alito and people like him on SCOTUS is to stop electing Republican presidents and to stop electing Republican senators. There are 55 R votes in the Senate. He will leave the committee with a party line vote and likely be confirmed on a similar party line vote.

It is still possible, though not likely, that the Dems will filibuster. That decision is not up to me. I would prefer they did.

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