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January 05, 2006


I thought America was God's Country. Wouldn't that mean God would get angry at anyone who tried to be a divider, not a uniter? Might that not explain some recent developments?

Does he have any explanation for the West Virginia mine disaster?

(Pennsylvania not WV).

On Bibleland:


Jimmy Lee giving Fletch the grand tour in his golf cart which bears the licencse CHARIOT 1. A Christmas motif gift shop is loaded with merchandise featuring Jimmy Lee's picture. We pass a Mississippi River Boat with "Captain" Jimmy Lee's picture smiling down.

When we're finished - when we've been able to expand
- Bibleland will be a kind of Heaven on Earth. There's
the hotel. we call it the Heavenly Hilton and Convention
Center. Beyond it, the "Farnsworth Bible College". Over
there is the "Jog for Jesus Trampoline Center".

Is that like "Prayerobics"?

You can talk to Pat Robertson directly at:

Seems to me that Pat is an expert in dividing God's land.

Actually I think God has watchmaker qualities, and has pre-programed fat men (at least 125 los overweight) to give up the ghost when they are in their mid 70's if not before. It has little to do with land, it has a lot to do with overindulging in the honey, wine and fruits of the land. I've always thought that Sharon had much in common with Henry Hyde and Helmut Kohl in this matter of self indulgence and admiration of essentially useless fat, that culturally interpreted is about personal "significance."

Someone needs to tell Pat Robertson that massively overweight folk get heart disease, hove strokes and all the rest. It has nothing to do with land -- it has to do with too much fruit of the land.

Oy! Sharon's having a stroke may cause the Israeli public to think about who they would choose to replace him, and they may pick Labor again. It is not so simple.

Sharon needs that kind of punishment only if the chaos in Gaza is what he expected in the first place.

I thought God gave the Land to Abraham? If God gave the Land to Abraham, then gives Sharon a stroke for subdividing, it wasn't a gift in the first place. If he gives me some land, especially in Israel, I'm telling Him to keep it as it's not as liquid as I like my land.

Ai yi yi. For some reason I took it upon myself to "correct" Mimikatz about where the mine disaster was. It goes without saying she had it right, as always, and I had it totally wrong.

The good news is, as long as Mimi has her facts straight and I am totally confused, we can rest assured that all apparently is in balance in the universe. And when I say that, you can obviously believe it.

Sharon wanted to start a third party and immediately had a stroke. The second one was possibly a misdiagnosis.

Sharon, like Bush, went throught the same problems with retired intelligence agents following Plame. Like Italy and France, maybe its all a coincidence, but the third party ending is so American and so was the dem on the intelligence committee who followed up Plame's work at Congress's Private Army of going after the President of the United States the day of the ending stroke for Sharon.

So, no third party and another losing country that did not go along with the Plame group at Congress's Private Army. The other countries appear to have been luckier.

EW -- have you done a piece on Sibel Edmonds? I noticed that you kept abreast of this post on wotisitgoodfor.blogspot.com (http://wotisitgood4.blogspot.com/2005/12/sibel-edmonds-brewster-jennings_28.html) but I was wondering if you did had done or will do your own piece?

But George Bush Jr. supports giving the West Bank to the Infidel Palestinians. Shall we continue to believe that Jr. is the Messiah?

and they may pick Labor again.

Good for them.

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