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January 26, 2006


I'd like to say that Bush's mediocre standing in the polls and his never finding WMD in Iraq makes a difference. I think it does. I just don't know if it makes enough of a difference.

But which Dems will vote with him for war and how do you go to war without bipartisan supoport? It can't be as easy as it was in 2003. Can it?

I think the owner of the car, upon which that bumper sticker was displayed, might be indicted for "hate speech." The sticker/speech incites violence and is completely based on ethnicity.

What makes any of us think Bush thinks he needs a vote to "protect us from terrorism"?

Would our military strike on the mere say-so of the Commander in Chief?

Man, things must be fucked up when Michael Ledeen starts making sense.

I keep weighing Iran on the following balance: very intelligent reality checks like this (which I absolutely agree with, and always have), with the equal reality that by fucking up Iraq so badly, the US (Bush thinks) needs to keep pushing, to try to regain the goals they set out to Iraq with. You've laid out the downsides of an Iran attack very convincingly. But not the downsides of continuing failure in Iraq.

Not to nitpick, but it's not the Institute for Strategic Studies, it's the Strategic Studies Institute, or SSI, of the Army War College.

Also, if you are interested in participating, a bunch of left-leaning security writers/bloggers are putting together an NPT on Iran (including Jeffrey Lewis, whom you quoted). This is our first attempt to create a set of National Security talking points for progressive candidates over at Blue Force, a new collective site dedicated to promoting a progressive national security stance and electing national security figures to office as Democrats

I think that Bush is too much of a physical coward to risk personal destruction in World War III with first use of nukes. Cheney I'm not too sure about, though.

I have always believed we couldn't be so stupid and callous as to use nukes, particularly on Iran, or, indeed, strike them at all except maybe from the air by conventional means. And tha the public isn't as malleable now as it was in 2002-2003.

But seeing Bush in his news conference this morning reiterate his "I am the President, we are at war and I can do what I want" line I'm no longer so sure. These people are getting really, really scary.

MB -- Don't know if you recall this post from long ago ... but Iran is not the first time the "light it up now because it will only get worse later" idea has been kicked around the table.

Ok. Lets assume this is all true. When we are eventually attacked with a massive nuclear or biological attack, what is the "correct" response to such a thing? The assumptions made are that there is no one insane enough in the Iranian government to provide such a weapon to someone insane enough to use it. I'm not sure I'm willing to risk my kid on that.

They already provide insane people with conventional weapons and financial support. Blow up a bus or a city, seems like a no brainer if I want to kill even if it means my life.

Dear Stupid Intellectual, 100,000,000 ++++ people died from the after effects of Communisn and Nazism.Go read some real history books because those who ignor history are doomed to relive it. It's them or us and they started this war. We should use every weapon in our arsenal to destroy them.Liberal pinheads like you who constantly decry violence don't have a clue. It sure the fuck solved WW11.

Enough with the "Liberal" view of the world. This war we are embroyled in is 2200 years old and there is only One solution: Nuke them back to the stone age. Now before I get 20,000 Your an Idiot Emails, here me out. The Christians and The Muslims have been at this for hundreds of years. Aw, screw this, Die Alla.......allalalalalalalalalallalalaal Enjoy Rotting in hell towelheads

Its not us vs. them anymore, they want us dead. It about who will be standing at the end of the day, we have nukes I'll be the first person to vote for any presidential candidate who runs on nuking iran. I don't hate them, I just want my children to live in a world with no Mullah.

Iran will nuke Israel first and then us because we don't have a credible leader, we will be next....Revelation 12 comes to mind.

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