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January 30, 2006


I remmeber 2004 feeling the same way the day after the elction and was just as inspired by your writing then. These things take time. Bush will be preznet until 2008, so in a certain sense, get used to it, give him the hard time he deserves over this SOTU speech, watch the R's destroy themselves by electing a corrupt Leader on Thursday (whoever it is), and move on.

I've been saying this all over; might as well say it here too.

This isn't the end of the world. When the country was founded, a majority were outsiders -- not white, male property owners. The outsiders have progressively forced their way inside. The current Right wants to shove a lot of us back out. So we have to organize like outsiders, expecting very little from the Democrats except when we make them behave.

Been telling people that at the doors for years. No change here. I remember canvassing Richmond, CA after Bill Clinton screwed the women of that community with welfare "reform."

Sure, it is awful. But there really is no choice.

Yep. I remember 1964 when the Mississippi Freedom Democrats weren't seated at the Democratic Convention because Lyndon Johnson wouldn't use the murders of three civil rights workers (and all the civil rights workers killed or beaten up before them) as leverage to tell the apartheidist regulars in the Mississippi Party to go fuck themselves.

I could have given up on the Democrats right then and there with every justification. And I had plenty of excuses over the next four years, too, as LBJ and the Best and Brightest kept sending Americans to grind and get ground up in Southeast Asia.

Remind me again who I would have supported?

Conventional wisdom went, in the course of a week, from Alito being a shoo-in, a foreordained conclusion, to rumblings of discontent from the masses, to a call to block him in the Times and in a major blog post from John Kerry, to an attempt to filibuster being brought to the floor of the Senate.

Never surrender? Shit, I'm ready to re-enlist. A week ago I never thought we'd get as far as we did.

i still feel that this was all for show. Liberal democrats got to kiss up to blogers, a conservatives got to show that they are independant from activists while still voting against Alito in the end.

Chaffee gets to do the same thing. If Kerry really did want to fillibuster, maybe he could have asked for a caucus meeting oh say January 2nd? And not the Friday before the vote. Boy he sure is a good organizer. I appreciate that he did that and that he posted on Kos, but I still will never vote for him in a primary, I will never work for him during a primary and I will hold my nose if I have to vote for him in November 2008. But that won't happen anyway.

I agree with DaveB somewhat. Mounting a last minute bid for filibuster is not what we expect from these guys. If they can't plan better than that they may as well not run! My senators both voted to continue debate. If they hadn't, they would have had a hard time getting my vote. No I wouldn't abandon them to a repugnicon challenger, but I would certainly look long and hard for another viable option. I was going to do that anyway but they now have another yes-tick next to their name. The more ticks the more likely I will work for and vote for them.

But we are as much at fault here. I know I need to start writing letters urging our team to put a plan together early on. I had what I considered huge problems with Alito early on but I waited too late to voice them. I too must do my part here.

Posting this at dKos would instantly make me extremely unpopular, but I actually think that Hamas winning was worse than Alito getting confirmed. All the people who voted for Hamas knew that they were murderers and it is more difficult to believe they will be restrained by anything like respect for law, as one could possibly believe in the case of Alito.

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