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January 28, 2006


Stonewalling the Katrina investigation.

The White House was beset by the "fog of war" in the crucial days immediately after Hurricane Katrina, leaving it unable to respond properly to the unfolding catastrophe, House investigators said Friday after getting the most detailed briefing yet on how President Bush's staff had handled the events.

I think they are stonewalling on the briefings about Katrina because there wasn't any until after Bush got back from his trip. In other words, they aren't hiding the advice he got but the fact that it just wasn't discussed much, if at all. That is why Bush made the "No one could have known the levees would breach" remark. I'm willing to bet that there wasn't much if any communication from the Situation Room, when the predictions came in, to the Prez or his top people. Remember, Card and Cheney were vacationing and Rove was ill, and then Bush was off playing the guitar with McCain.

If key people went home early every day, they should be taken out and (metaphorically) shot. heckuva job.

Keep holding out hope for those table scraps in exchange for your collegiality, though, Senator Landrieu! We're pullin' for ya!

Kagro, did you ever contact her office with your idea?

Yeah. You know the drill, though. Black hole. I didn't have anyone inside to carry it to the right desk. Not that it would have changed any minds. Because bloggers are all stupid jerks.

Apparently, though, there's a worm hole in that black hole that leads to Armando's computer.

was that the 'idea' about giving Bush a hug right before the SOTU and taping an "IMPEACH ME" sign to his back?

I gave that one to Lieberman.

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