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January 11, 2006


Former White House counsel C. Boyden Gray is a noted bastard of the highest degree. He would abrogate the Constitution and throw his mother in jail for the Bush crime family. The minute Congress leaves Washington for the Easter break, Bush will use the recess appointment power to appoint Gray as the Ambassador to the European Union. You can take that to the bank.

Let me guess, other names on the letterhead included Block, Sunstein and Tushnet?

On the recess appointment: why didn't he do that when he just made that spate of recess appointments last week?

Prolly cuz Butch is holding Boyd in reserve in case he needs him to represent him in the IMPEACHMENT trial.

C Boyden's creditials as a 'cabana butt boy(den)'for the Bush Crime Family goes back a long way. He's such an boot licker for the W.A.S.P. mafia, no self esteem to speak of, just prep school wanna-be pseudo bravado.

He was instrumental and element in starting the 'Whitewater Scandal' against the Clintons.

To wit:

* Tom Paine: September 29, 2000: "In the final weeks of the 1992 election when the polls showed President Bush losing to Governor Clinton, the Bush White House, including White House counsel C. Boyden Gray, colluded with banking investigator L. Jean Lewis to make public a criminal referral that named the Clintons as potential 'witnesses to' and 'beneficiaries of' criminal wrongdoing in the failure of an Arkansas savings and loan."

* Note: An internet search on C. Boyden Gray brings up an endless number of Clinton White House related articles in which Gray is the source for inuendo and rumors, most totally unfounded but provided nonetheless.

Treasonous little viper. I wonder if you skinned him and cooked 'em, would he taste like chicken(hawk)???

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