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January 16, 2006


Ruy has a nice summary of the anti-incumbent mood, and the realities in 2006.

Abramoff is great for liberals, and really BAD for Iran (if you know what I mean)

Fitzmas is gonna come around again soon

when is the next Libby Court date, anybody know ???

anybody wanna bet on the date when george tries to "change the subject" ???

IMHO, I'd be hammering Ney over the head for personally lobbying Powell to RELAX sanctions against Iran. The corruption angle works twice as well, when a lawmaker is bribed and acts against the interests of our national security.

The question for Georgia Republicans is whether or not Reed is worth the risk. He has very loyal allies in the social conservative branch of the GA GOP, like Sadie Fields, but the GOP should probably be able to count on those votes with or without Reed. The corporate types or the quasi-moderates who live in the suburbs of Atlanta may not be as trusting of Reed.

If the races in Georgia are close, and Democrats manage to give strong challenges for governor and lt. governor, then Reed could either be a drag on the ticket, or a bonus for wingnut turnout.

I wouldn't be surprised if the GA Republicans silently worked to make Reed lose the primary (if they can) and then put a gay adoption/foster care ban on the November ballot to ensure the Reed loyalists will show up and vote even if he isn't on the ballot.

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