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December 14, 2005


"Like a rock," as in dropping like a....

I was not surprised when President Bush admits that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake, because the information to him in regard WMD was not truth!. But even so, he continue his speach by saying that after all, was good to get rid of Saddam hussein, because he was a danger to the USA. How can be Saddam Hussein be a danger to the USA, if he didn't have WMD?. This is all too much for me!!. Get out of Iraq, and take President Bush to the world criminal tribunal, for ordering the killing of so many innocents people in Iraq, and for the death of innocents young Marines, who they sorth were doing the right thing for America.

There was plenty of intel debunking Saddam's arsenal, but the real fiction was always that Iraqi WMD posed an immediate and existential threat to the US. Bush is still artfully conflating the belief that SH had some WMD with the notion that the peril was grave.

The Office of Special Plans had no real purpose other than to foster this confusion, and not incidentally, scare the American public into endorsing a pre-emptive strike.

On MSNBC this was reported this morning by the pretty little news gal as, "President Bush's job approval ratings are on the rebound." She then went on to point out that his approval rating was up by a whopping one point.

The press was thrilled to report on Bush's free fall in the polls. Now they are dying to go with the "he's bouncing back" line. Chris Matthews is already flogging it, as if a 42% approval rating is great or something.

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