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December 30, 2005



How far do I need to get into the book by Sunday?

hey, any part will do! After all, there's likely stuff to talk about that's not in the book.

Question for Bay Areans (always thought that term sounded like a seaside white supremacist group):

This article says that San Francisco's Transbay terminal will finally get developed, and provide improved rail service and generally catalyze the spruce-up-ification of the whole lower SoMa/Mission Bay area.

The Transbay Terminal - expected to be complete by 2013, three years sooner than previous projections - will serve nine Northern California counties and various transit agencies both public and private, including trains, subways, buses and ultimately, it is hoped, high-speed rail to Los Angeles.

Anyone heard more about this? Is it going to replace the Caltrain station at the end of the N-Judah line, or is this not Caltrain? And if not Caltrain, who is it? And where are those 9 counties?

More to the point: is there anyplace that is an outlying area today that may turn into a booming easy-commute suburb in ten years because of this? I would love to move back there but not sure I can afford it -- I'm wondering if this will open up some more livable space in the long term.

Second, on the topic of transportation, read this piece on BioWillie, a biodiesel blend being promoted by Willie Nelson. It's not that I'm so enamored of biodiesel or even know jack about it for that matter. I just love Willie Nelson though, and am really glad to see him (particularly as a Texas good old boy icon) getting behind another great movement. He has done some really terrific work for American farmers with FarmAid, from the few pieces I've read, and at 72 is still going strong. Now he's found a way to help both the American farmer and the American trucker. He's an amazing guy.

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