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December 25, 2005


The best political ad Dems, can have.

GOP whining, dems are obstructing their agenda. Then dems can shout the explanation on TV.

Free 2006 campaign!

Wasn't that a great headline? That story has been sitting open on my desktop for a bit, while I tried to think of something really awesome to say about it.

Still nothing, though.

It is what it is. Which is great.

I'm wondering, remember when Stevens threatend to quit a few months ago if the Senate didn't pass a measure allowing drilling in ANWAR? Who's going to ask him if he's going to follow through on that promise?

I think that threat was in relation to the "bridge to nowhere."

Still, I can't believe nobody has taken him up on it. Hell, I'd be down there on the floor every day, waving around an open-ended Alaska Air ticket.

"Mr. President, the Senator from Alaska is welcome to come right on over here and get it. I paid for it myself, as a parting gift to the Senator, because I know he's a man of his word, and I respect his integrity, and I felt it was the least I could do to pay tribute to him."

Parties move sort of like they're underwater or in a tank of mineral oil. Republicans have been overreaching for so long that they can't just stop on a dime now that dems and some others are finally pushing back. It's a beautiful thing!

Fucking Ted Stevens! What IS it with that guy?! He needs a spanking AND a nap. No even provisionally self-respecting TEENager would behave that way.

I would love to see a nice video montage of some of the congressional GOP's 'greatest hits' from the last session or two, starring Stevens of course, as well as Sensenbrenner, Jim Bunning (trying to convey any thought - might be a nice hocketting device), Coburn just being his weird, obtuse self; Bill Thomas of CA throwing a fit earlier in the year...I'm sure there's lots of good video. You wouldn't even have to provide any commentary at all in the spot: just edit the stuff together and have 'Paid for by the DNC' underneath. Ridicule, people!

"things to come" "1984" "brave new world" what do you believe the script that this group is copying for the future way of things?

Answer: Richard Nixon's playbook.

I don’t think he has ever cared about civil liberties – he sees his job as protecting us, not protecting our liberties.

I don’t think he has ever cared about civil liberties – he sees his job as protecting us, not protecting our liberties.

Tales from the parallel universe. The Republicans are desperately trying to self destruct and the Dems are trying to save them by stopping them passing an unpopular agenda. What they should do is let these things pass and make the election a referendum on rolling them back if the Dems are elected.
But of course the Dems wouldn't do that. It's just what every other left wing party in the developed world would do, and get elected by doing it. And that's why with the worst right wing government in history the Dems have only a passing chance at winning the election.
I thought it was ironic that the Dems have a chance of winning back the Senate if Lott resigns. So it comes to a man who is nostalgic about segregation retiring to make the Dems look good by comparison. Maybe if half the Republican congress were behind bars the Dems might have a shot of taking both houses.
It makes quite a show. Hardly a day passes that the Republicans don't do something corrupt. And hardly a day passes that the Dems don't respond in a way that is inept, stupid, or politically naive and let them off the hook.
But there is a bright side to this. The Republicans are so awful that sooner or later they will lose no matter how badly the Dems handle things. So what will the Dems do then?

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