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December 30, 2005


Wow. Untidy! Looking forward to Pt 2.

Iraqi Scientist: American soldier, American soldier, I am secret mastermind of Saddam’s centrifuge program! Look, I have Washington Post articles to prove it.

American soldier: Buzz off, dude. We'll hang you upside down in chains if you don't stop bothering us.

All wars are insane, but some wars are more insane than others.

EW, Great breakdown. God, everything they told us was propaganda {feigned surprise}. Reminds me of the psy ops program which was sold as a popular upswell to tear down saddams statue. Anyone remember that? The first link is to the army admitting it created the propaganda, the other two links to how the media helped push the fake story with more bullshit.




Yup, that's about the idea.

But then, how did someone living in a totalitarian dictatorship get an article from the WaPo?

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