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December 05, 2005


EW's postponement theory just got a boost from what Jane says at Firedoglake - conversations http://firedoglake.blogspot.com/

"But on Saturday, December 3, the WaPo reported that "the conversation" took place before Rove's grand jury appearance in February 2004, and appears to be quite Viveca-centric in its sourcing.

It would appear that Mr. Luskin and Vivac may have spoken more than once on the topic. And it seems likely that when Luskin offered up his good friend Vivac in order to save his client, he told Fitzgerald that the relevant conversation (or conversations) happened a good while after Rove's testimony in February, 2004 where Rove presumably did not tell the grand jury about the Cooper conversation, because Fitzgerald's request for information starts in May 2004."

So, here's a proposition: Luskin throws a last minute Hail Mary pass saying his Vivac conversation can heal the 'lying to the grand jury about the Cooper conversation for Rove.' The problem is that Vivac's real story only makes matters much much worse for Rover, because the Vivac tip off to Luskin occurs in February not in the summer or early fall. Now, why would Luskin lie when Vivac's story can be easily discovered?

Does this seem like a regular modus operandi for Rove et al?

LibbySosume--The young engineers and test techs in the back of the room pantomiming quiet guffaw as the president describes mainstream engineers' latest product which will Dominate the Market and push the competitor into second place for the full product cycle.
Speaking of marcom, today's WaPo has an appealing profile of Luskin five column pages of webfootprint.
LibbySoSume(2): There is a question of the parallism in the corporate metaphor; often it is more stagelike than incorporated in politics. There is so much live communication in this era bargaining chips are in storage, national political conventions are miniseries without politics. What if, as the original column at the top of the thread suggests, there is a QA supervisor with software used to verify the on-chip minifirewall still has its backdoor to the hex registers, you know, zero page; though I like very much the Moynihan thesis even though twenty years ago, that there is a cyberhalfacre over which duplicates are copied. There are real people involved here. When Manny was pirating emails of all the Judiciary Committee strategists from the minority party over a two-year time span, the people to whom he would distribute those purloined letters would have putatively compartmentalized knowledge that they had hacked the Democratic party firewall protected internal email server, and Manny's boss, Senator Hatch would have complete deniability. That needs an ethics investigation. What a pity: if the most atavistic proponent of senate principles could be implicated despite inartful compartmentalization. What a thin line between legitimate partisanry and egregious abuse; I still hear the Hatch excuses for Iran-Contra, it is difficult to separate what is fair political advocacy from what was simply coverup for the administration. Reagan and Moynihan: long ago times.
If the disgruntled QA supervisor with the hacker util can slide over and erase files on your computer's drive over a secure intranet, or maybe the net was not secured, say, if it was simply material on a home pc connected through the local cable DSL provider to the internet, sometimes https, but usually simple http + whatever safeguards you have on your pc.
These vignettes describe several contexts; a collage of fictions intercalated with snapshots that are real instances. But, less we wax too abstruse at blog, it deserves mention that the gist of the thread, above, seems well founded, that the c:b of that email is an interesting and quite revealing endeavor.
I, for one, offer no exculpation of any of these officials; is this Fitzgerald's X discussed: by an incredulous and disheartened hilzoy and executive director, Romero at a first amendment advocacy organization's site.
Let's use the marcom thesis, then look at the political side which is more diffuse. I wonder if the Secretary of State is taking notes of the promise-making ongoing in her current tour de EU on the latter two links' topic. I doubt it is all X's initiative unless X=OVP. I need to do the math on that.

"The young engineers and test techs in the back of the room pantomiming quiet guffaw as the president describes mainstream engineers' latest product which will Dominate the Market and push the competitor into second place for the full product cycle."

So true.

By the way, I don't mean to demonize engineers in general. In the ages-old war between marketing and R&D, both sides play games. But R&D can play political hardball with the best.

Years ago when I was a PM for a proprietary mail product, we in marketing wondered if engineering was even listening to us. Turns out they had patched out the return-receipt code on their copy of the email software, so that we'd never get receipts.

Years later when I was chief of staff for a business development SVP, who was supposedly well-liked by R&D cause he could "talk their walk," I discovered they were backstabbing him. They'd make promises they had no intentions of delivering on, while they did their best to build what THEY wanted and undo his strategy. I told him about it, even showed him the email evidence. He gave me a funny look and said, "Just play nice with these guys, we need them." I complained to the R&D VP to no avail; he denied everything.

But when I finally walked away from that life, it wasn't because of R&D. It was Marketing that nearly drove me postal.

Hi EW,
I thought I'd send along this Rove-Novak2 tidbit FYI (from WayneMasden):

"December 10, 2005 -- Viveca Novak is not giving Karl Rove a free pass - she apparently told investigators that in early 2004 she was aware that Rove knew much more about the pre-disclosure identity of Valerie Plame Wilson than either he or his attorney, Robert Luskin, originally indicated to special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Informed sources have revealed that not only was Rove well aware of V.P. Wilson's covert identity before her name was disclosed in Robert Novak's column in July 2003 but Rove actively took part in the disclosure of her identity to the media, including Time's Matt Cooper."

Keep up the good work!

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