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December 11, 2005


I've heard some things about the blog you represent and they're not pretty. But maybe it's just a rumor. Can you clarify?

And no, I won't tell you what I've heard. That would be impolite.

Nonetheless, I demand an answer.

BTW, if anyone missed the MTP roundtable, Dionne had a TKO over Brooks. Brooks presented Bush's 'bounce' and his improved honest approach to iraq and Dionne called him on the difference between what Brooks wished the WH was like and what they're really like. Mike Allen looking on (Time, nee WaPO) in befuddlement.


Do you have an uncle? I'll answer you if you have an uncle.

Thanks for the entertainment! And you should know by this stage in your life that no good deed ever goes unpunished. Why, I've learned that lesson hundreds of times.

Now, for a nickel, rumor-monger this burning question: which Vichy Dem DLC sellouts will be named as dKos FP'ers shortly?

Blue, it's a chicken and egg question. Will they be Vichy Dems only after they hit the FP, or are they now? And so as to not bias you, you can't know who they are before you answer.

Kagro, I have an uncle. In fact, I have lots of uncles. And one of them has landed at least once in Chicago.

On another note, check this out. It's the battle of the suberbanites over ID.

Let's see, there's the fascist lapdog georgia10. The foreigner Jerome a Paris, who might actually be Vichy, for all we know. The neocon DarkSyde, perhaps? The Hitler-like bonddand, maybe? Has DLC tool SusanG taken herself out of the running?

You are on to my trick question. Of course, the answer is: all of them! Absolute blog power Vichy-fies absolutely.

Very interesting article, DemFromCT. That crazy Cobb County! Home of Kennesaw State. There's a name we haven't seen in a while. And speaking of names we haven't seen, where's Newt Gingrich's name in this article? This is his turf. Why is Mr. Futurist keeping his head down in this debate?

And why was I so enthused about the defeat of my very crazy Virginia state delegate, Dick Black last month? Because as the article notes, Cobb Co. is "in many ways similar to Loudoun and Fairfax counties in Virginia," and, "has long shown a remarkable flair for high-profile social controversy."

That's why you don't do things to screw with Virginia elections when a Dem may win, as Bob Brigham famously did with Tim Kaine. For Bob, it's all fun and games. For me, it's the prospect of having to come up with private school tuition for my kids, just so they don't have to go through this crap.

Blue the Wild Dog, I truly hope I accomplished my mission as Vichy Dem™ on the last cycle of front pagers at dailyKos.

I tried. Really, I did!

Do Vichy Dems™ dream in French or Dutch? Enquiring minds want to know.

Plutonium Page, I thank you. Your country thanks you. The Netherlands, that is. And for those of you who think Vichy was one country below, think again.

Blue the Wild Dog - LOL, I should get some of those skin care products.

I wish I had something to ask KagroX, by the way, but I'm stuck. The only political advice I can think that I need is "can I write to MPs and get them to tell the Dutch foreign minister that he's a wimpy idiot for saying Condi is just awesome and stuff?"

The difference between the governments and the peeples in Europe on this issue are astounding. The governments figure they have to live with bush for 3 more years. The peeple don't give a rat's ass. Right is right, wrong is wrong.

I have read deeply in the annals of Mr. Newt's Kennesawkian adventures ... and I expect to see them emerge with renewed prominence in the very near future.

Did anyone watch Hardball tonight? That's more truth than I've seen in a long time on any of the msm channels.

Tsk tsk. The nerve of you, X, using your dossier to disrupt a diary.

learn to DEAL and to FEEL. And get in touch with the REAL.

BTW, I'm from Chicago (and have uncles) and I've never heard taverns - on the S. Side or anywhere else - called 'Taverines'.

I wrote a long post last week attempting to answer the musical question 'Who Are the Vichy Dems?' I'm not going to link to it because it didn't turn out all that well, and because famous running dog appeaser Mark Schmitt said it better anyway:

But just as it took a very long time to understand the rules of the Republican game, it will take a while to understand when it's over. An activist generation has emerged on the left that has never seen any form of politics other than this one. Everything they've seen supports the argument that political success depends on the Republican machine rules: absolute party loyalty, a play to the party's ideological base, a single simple message, and ruthless punishment for those who stray. But two parties built on that logic can't govern any more than one can. We're not going back to the old rules, the rules I learned carefully when I worked in Congress not so long ago. But when the Republican system breaks, we all need to remember the deep message of Off-Center -- that these rules and assumptions are created by people, they change, and we have to change them rather than just fight within them.

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