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December 02, 2005


Call me crazy, but it sounds like she was bullying him.

Judy bullying Kelly? Yeah, probably in her saccharine way. As in:

Tony: Judy, do you think you could talk to your buddy Kelly and help him understand that the his comment to the Beeb was inaccurate?

Judy: Um, sure, anything you want, Ton.

Tony: But don't mention you spoke with me.

Judy: You know I always protect my GOOD sources, Ton.

Yeah, I'd buy that. After all, the email suggests she spoke to Kelly once already, if they already had some kind of mutual idea of what "going well" would mean. THAT's the email that's probably pretty interesting.

Well, if Fitz brings Judy to her knees, at least she will find the position familiar. . .

I've always suspected a more proactive role for the journalists (although I'll give up my theory of Pincus as mastermind ;)), ie did Judy necessarily need to be told to pressure Kelly? The last thread showed that Cooper was no innocent bystander either. The timing of his War on Wilson - right in the thick of things with the outing of Plame and the Kelly testimony - makes more sense if he was the clean up crew on the disintegrating Brewster Jennings outing...

"I think it’s a…it’s a terrible failure. It’s a shocking failure. It’s a deeply troubling failure"

Can you not see the sinister nature of what's at work here?
He talks about "dark actors playing games" to one of those very persons, the dark actors.
He's dead 24 hours later.

And just to be clear. Blair threaded TWO loopholes which permitted Kelly's death to be recorded as suicide WITHOUT ANY WITNESS GIVING EVIDENCE UNDER OATH.

What else is Judy hiding? Besides WMD lies, she opened a bogus anthrax letter (2 days before her book on !!! GERM WARFARE !!! was reviewed in the NYT).

A more significant and mysterious connection is the pre-9/11 terror threat report Judy Miller got just prior to the President's Daily Briefing of Aug 6, 2001. She has never commented on this!!!



See this link: http://www.cjr.org/issues/2005/5/judycode.asp

In July of 2001, Steve Engelberg, then an editor at The New York Times, looked up to see Judy Miller standing at his desk. As Engelberg recalls, Miller had just learned from a source about an intercepted communication between two Al Qaeda members who were discussing how disappointed they were that the United States had never attempted to retaliate for the bombing of the USS Cole. Not to worry, one of them said, soon they were going to do something so big that the U.S. would have to retaliate.

Check out these thoughts on Judy's Aspen Grand Strategy paper on "Counterproliferation After Iraq" from July 2003.

that giant woman in the new Harry Potter is a dead ringer for Judy.

July 17, 2003. Matthew Cooper writes in Time, "Some government officials have noted to TIME in interviews..." Interviews to which reporters at Time, Mr. Cooper? He wasn't saying.

July 21, 2003. Judith Miller writes in the New York Times, that just before his death, David Kelly sent an email to a reporter at the New York Times. Emails to which reporter at the New York Times, Ms. Miller? She wasn't saying.

Was there one of those confidentialty things, that Matthew Cooper couldn't tell you he was writing about himself? No.

Was there one of those confidentialty things, that Judith Miller couldn't tell you she was writing about herself? No.

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