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December 05, 2005


The report was too kind. Gentle.

In the event of disaster, BushCo will leave us to die. That isn't "safer." That's unsafe.

Americans are dying because of BushCo's decisions, BushCo's crimes, BushCo's unchristian greed.

This issue is what Bush considers to be his trump card. I don't. Apparently the commission agrees with me.

I loved Jamie Gorelick's reading of some of the Fs and Ds grades the former commissioners awarded the Administration. Made me remember Sister Joseph Marie, my elementary teacher who used to read each student's grade aloud after every test, except most of her students did better than Bushco.

Overall g.p.a. if you count all 41 grades equally and ignore the incompletes given by the commissioners: 1.7. Not even the "gentleman's" C-average Bush managed to wangle out of Yale.

As long as the Mayberry Machiavellis are in power and the areas that need the most anti-terrorism funds are all in blue states, the funding problem will remain. There is no policy, only politics, and it's much better politically for them to be tough guys and kick butt overseas than to direct funds to the real enemy (the Democrats.) Even if it doesn't work. They're only gambling with our lives, and they know they're right, so what's the worry?

Off topic, but firedoglake is not on blogspot. Anyone know what's up with that?

don't know... they were down when i checked, too. server issues at their end, i suppose.

I can get to blogspot.com. But it says there's no such blog on the server. I wonder if reddhead's excellent interview on the Air America Phoenix station pissed someone off.

Lil ole paranoid me.

Wow! What'll it take? Do terrorists have to fly airplanes into buildings before we'll take this stuff seriously?

Oh, wait...

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