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November 02, 2005


I wonder if al-Farouq was alive when he 'escaped.'

Yeah, I wonder that myself. God I hate believing things like this about my country.

Have we ever let any known Al Qaida members testify in open court? I know that tin-foilism is not fashionable in Left Blogistan, but there is a possibility that more than our torture regime is kept veiled by keeping these guys out of sight. The close connections between the 9-11 plotters and our good friends the Saudis and Pakistanis, for instance.

He disappeared?

Or he was Disappeared?

Should we parse?

Hey, I know – maybe he was whacked. That would fit with the Mob Symbolism.


Nope, I don't think we have known any AQ member to testify in open court. But that might just relate to BushCO not wanting them to tell the American people that they funded their training program in teh 1980s.

Kind of like how we only get Saddam in open court in VERY controlled circumstances. Don't want too many people reminded of Rummy's warm visit with Saddam back when he was gassing Kurds.

At the substantial risk of being called a blogwhore, I will note that the foul stench rising from this story struck me immediately.


Well, thank god I'm not the only one who still knows how to read skeptically.

Can we all say "disappeared?" Son-of-a-gun jes up and fled da coop! Never expect to see HIM again.

Looks like we had the #2 again.

Amen - when I read the story, an apparition of The Church Lady appeared before me. She straightened the papers on her desk and pursed her lips, then leaned forward, cocked her head slightly and exclaimed, "How conveeenient!"

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