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November 02, 2005


From [Steve Clemons: http://www.thewashingtonnote.com/]

I can also report that there will be (also TONIGHT) a devastating critique of Vice President Cheney and his key staff regarding the Plame Affair and the decision to invade Iraq tonight on Chris Matthews' Hardball. TWN has learned that David Shuster has a hard-charging report tonight that will set the VP's office on edge and add a lot to our understanding of Cheney's role.

Tweety's been on Cheney's case from the beginning. He's a real oddball, but he's been against the war from the beginning, as fellow TNHer RonK pointed out to me months ago. He's been all over the map on this and susceptible to pressure, but he can see which way the wind is blowing now.

Don't read enough to know if my "7-10 split" schtick on Alito nomination was cliche at the time I wrote it. I hadn't seen it elsewhere. Now I have: NYTimes Letters page today is illustrated with cartoon of a bowling ball heading towards two robed figures arranged in 7-10 split. Why the bowling ball is heading down the middle, I don't get.

'cause some people can't bowl. 'cause the US is a middle-of-the-lane country. 'cause that's the way it was drawn?

maybe because they know Bush is going to fail to pick up the spare. (And Alito is a pin-head.) And in recognition of Harry Reid's ten-pound balls.

On another topic: if one needs further proof that New Media are setting the pace for traditional media, here it is. You've heard of cat-blogging right? Now comes cat radio. Hint: They like 80s music.

Mr. Martinez, 34, who owns six dogs and two cats, said he founded the station because "my cat, Snickers, asked me to do it." ... He discovered that Snickers likes 80's rock, particularly the Eddie Money version of the song "Take Me Home Tonight"

Because the US is a "bowling alone" country? See Robert Putnam.

Fantasy land. It's the opposite of reality-based.

Hey, anyone looking for a job?

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