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November 05, 2005


First Read isn't just better. At 9:30 AM, it's first.

So true about First Read v. The Note.

I haven't read The Note in a long time. I can get GOP talking points elsewhere. First Read actually makes some insightful points that I hadn't read elsewhere. The Note is a regurgitation of the latest GOP talking points, with a dose of "Neener, neener, I know something you don't know" of snottiness.

First Read is also usually shorter and more accurate in its overview of the political landscape and dynamics. I don't have to like the current state of affairs and therefore, First Read's take, but I know I won't get something totally warped by GOP shills.

Oooh, snotiness, what a great way to describe their tone.

And you're right, First Read is much shorter, and it's also much better written. But one thing I think that helps The Note maintain some relevance is that they don't really write it for people outside the beltway, they write it for flacks and hacks and the DC press corps. Thus, all those all-so-knowing tips of the hat to operatives, press secretaries, campaign operatives, behind-the-camera producers, etc.

After the GOP talking points aspect of it, it's the damn frat-boy/sorority girl insiderness of it that makes we want to puke.

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