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November 03, 2005


Today the Governor of Minnesota announced the Minnesota Plan. Given that much of it is clearly influenced by Michael Osterholm (whom I respect) it is interesting. No Schools, No sports, Malls to close, virtually anyplace where people congregate to be closed up. Plans exist to distribute bacine to everyone in the Twin Cities within 48 hours -- for the whole state, 7 days. (Of course there is no vacine even given the plan.) Apparently the state has some sort of plan to produce generic Teriflu -- no plan as to how this is to be distributed. Much emphasis on how well our turkey indistry is protecting itself.

I see all sorts of things missing from the plan -- but at least there is one.

thanks! You bet Osterholm and CIDRAP will influence MN; he's influenced the US plan as well.

MN's flu stuff is here.

Dem: Just for clarification, if readers read on in my post over at Effect Measure they will find I am not as enthralled as the part quoted suggests, however.

This site has helpful pandemic preparedness information for both businesses or families. www.pandemicinfosite.com

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