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November 01, 2005


Congrats to you, DemFromCT, and the other folks at Flu Wiki for pushing the CDC into a needed action. And for keeping us all up-to-date in a non-hysterical way.

If only we, as a nation, would take this "opportunity" presented by this potential threat and transform it into a permanent bolstering of our tattered public health system(s). One gets the impression that even impoverished, dictatorial Cuba would do a better job if a human-to-human avian flu were to strike.

So, why is no one reporting on the fact that Donald Rumsfeld just happens to be the Chairman of the Board of Gilead (the patent-holder for Tamiflu)? There is an interesting article concerning this fact here >>> http://www.mercola.com/2005/oct/25/rumsfeld_to_profit_from_avian_flu_hoax.htm#

While I am by no means convinced the bird flu situation is a hoax, I am entirely convinced of our current adminstration's make-money-at-any-cost-and-war-and-terror-(pandemics included)-are-the-most-effective-methods" mindset.

I think we need to look at all aspects of this story, rather than just our government's "need" to buy more of this drug. Especially since most medical professionals seem rather unconvinced of Tamiflu's effectiveness. If the flu pandemic is a real threat, we need to make sure that what we are clamoring to buy is really an effective treatment.

We should also be looking at preventative (non-medicated) measures we can use to diminish (or curb entirely) the spread of the disease. I find it rather disconcerting (if not downright disturbing or scary) that everyone seems to be inferring that the only way we can beat this thing is to have everyone injected with a proprietary substance. There are so many avenues for abuse in such a situation. What assurances would any citizen have that: 1. they actually needed the injection, 2. the injection would actually do anything to prevent the disease, 3. what they were being injected with is actually a flu vaccine, 4. nothing other than the vaccine would be injected into their body, etc. etc. etc.

This may sound paranoid to many people reading this. It would have sounded paranoid to me just a couple years ago. But now we have a government that has no qualms about lying to the citizenry (about life-or-death matters, including war) and seems bent on gutting our tax revenues for the sole benefit of their corporate associates.

This administration is untrusted by a sizeable majority of our population. Do you want to let them inject something into you based on no more information than what they are telling you?

Do you want to let them inject something into you based on no more information than what they are telling you?

risk vs benefit? yes. but I'd check with my own doctor, first.

Sorry OT.

Per Harry Reid and the Democrats, U.S. Senate is meeting in closed session. Reports say Democrats are forcing GOP to discuss pre-war intellignece that was used to "sell" the War in Iraq.

About 2:00 PM Tuesday.

John Casper

really dumb basic question: my understanding was that all influenza is endemic to waterfowl. Why did this virus get called "bird flu" -- isn't all flu "bird flu"? (answer in form of link is fine) thanks

All flu is bird flu, its natural home. Well, at leat influenza A, anyway. But this bird flu is H5N1, even though there are actually 16 different varieties of H. Humans get H1, H2, and H3. We've occasionaly gotten H5, H7 and H9. Birds get all 16.

But this flu is now spreading amongst birds all over the world. Even though there's not much in humans, it's a pandemic amongst birds.. a panzootic. So bird flu it is.

>So, why is no one reporting on the fact that Donald Rumsfeld
just happens to be the Chairman of the Board of Gilead (the
patent-holder for Tamiflu)?<

You are correct about Gilead holding the Tamiflu patent, and Rumsfeld was chairman of the board, but according to this 2001 statement from Gilead Rumsfeld resigned at the start of that year to take his current job.


The report is interesting. The part that really caught my eye was here

Where it says, way down in the part about Tamiflu, where it list the "assumptions" on which it is based, it says this about the expected supply:

"The primary source of antiviral drugs for a pandemic response will be the supply of antiviral drugs that have been stockpiled. Before annual influenza seasons about 2 million treatment courses of oseltamivir are available in the U.S. U.S.-based production of oseltamivir is being established; expected capacity is projected at about 1.25 million courses per month."

If this is true it is a bombshell. What happened to the patent? Who exactly is "establishing" production in the US? What is the deal with Roach and with Gidian (the US company that holds title to the Tamiflu patent)?

I've heard that there ar enegotiations to ramp up production, but n othing solid.

BTW, there are suggestions of ways to stretch the supply.

So much has happened since this administration took office five years ago...most of it's been pretty ugly.

The other day, the city of New York was permeated with a sweet fragrance and when I heard about it, it made me wonder if there were some sort of biological weapons attack on. I haven't seen any follow-up news on where the odor came from or what its composition is. I did, however run across this article, which sent a shiver up my spine. What a way to change the subject...a flu scare, a biological attack under the guise of a pandemic...

Someone needs to tell me I'm making too much stew from one oyster. I came here to see if anyone has seen any sort of explanation for what happened in New York. I suppose it's a measure of just how bad I think this administration is (ok, and maybe of my own paranoia) that I don't rule out the possibility they would attack their own country to duck criminal charges...or for any reason they happen to think of.

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