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November 14, 2005


Two things that stick out for me.

The scary slide show? They're using open source claims so they can avoid all vetting. Hmm. That's convenient. Make it up!

Also, the unilateralism of their approach. I'm guessing they're going to pit people off of one another, as they tried to do in the UNSC debate (but failed to do, because it was so public). That's good though. Because John Bolton? Not so good at real multilateral diplomacy.

At least Judy isn't covering the "Iranian nuclear program," despite Libby's encouragement in his September letter...

Excellent and important analysis. Please crosspost to Daily Kos. Highly recommended!

Superwelldone, here's to hoping this post travels far and wide across the Internet. The entire Neocon strategy is backfiring, as even Faux News is sure soon to realize. They can keep on crying Wolfowitz, but the world won't much listen anymore.

BushCo bulled it out to win in 2004, holding the line on the lies all the way, supposing the lesson learned was they could just keep on doing more of the same. But nowadays they're learning otherwise. It's hard to see how they can bull it out much longer. The levies are breaking. Thanks to things like Fitz and the Uncontrollable Internet and Reality and so forth.

Plus that ever-curious strain of Neocon sloppiness... Really, that Yellowcake business was awfully sloppy. Amateurish, I daresay. And by the way, what ever did happen to Judy's Floating Knesset and Her Other Scintillating African Uranium Forgeries?

The question is -- Why do the Neocons still keep at it, anyhow? Why still Iran, why still Syria, why still the whole rest of those Middle Eastern dominoes? Against every conceivable form of historical sanity? Have they no shame?

Their unreasoning perseverance has made more sense, to me, after taking a look at the 1998 Charles Krauthammer article linked below, which is part of the new Weekly Standard 10-Year Anniversary volume...... Aha, okay, that's it, there it is.

It's important not to underestimate the extent of neocon paranoia. They went for broke, they had everything in place, everyone in just the right places, and they came so very darned close to the pink carnation. But barring some sudden terrorist catastrophe or such, it seems they'll be coming up short. Luckily for America. Sure was a heck of a run, though, wasn't it?

If they'da just been honest, all along, I might still be on their side.,+Zion%22&hl=en

There's an interesting article on Iran's nuclear program in the November issue of Le Monde diplomatique, entitled "Iran needs nuclear power, not weapons" which provides some interesting background and theories.

The Google-cached version does not require a subscription.

that sucks

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