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November 03, 2005


More from the WaPo, a nightmare result for Bush:

The war has taken a toll on the administration's credibility, with a clear majority -- 55 percent -- now say the administration deliberately mislead the country in making its case for war with Iraq -- a conflict that an even larger majority say was not worth the cost.

The president's handling of terrorism was widely regarded among strategists as the key to his winning a second term last year. But questions about Bush's effectiveness on other fronts have also depreciated this asset. His 48 percent approval now compares to 61 percent approval on this issue at the time of his second inaugural, and from a 2004 high of 66 percent.

Oops. AP-Ipsos at 37%:

President Bush's job approval has fallen to the lowest level of his presidency amid worries over the Iraq war, a fumbled Supreme Court nomination, the indictment of one White House aide and uncertainty about another.

Concerned that the president has lost his footing, some influential Republicans are urging Bush to shake up his staff and bring in new blood.

A new AP-Ipsos poll found Bush's approval rating was at 37 percent, compared with 39 percent a month ago. About 59 percent of those surveyed said they disapproved.

Rasmussen is at 42%. Weird poll. Hardly varies.


I thought it would take a personal smiting by God to push Bush much below 40 percent. I guess Fitz smites pretty well.

Bush is eroding even with Republicans now - down from 91 percent to 78 percent, so nearly a quarter of GOPers have headed for the exits.

-- Rick

The problem for Bush, as so many have noted, is that to do what needs to be done is a confession of failure and a repudiation of the "character" he staked out for the American people--Bush the resolute.

I think this just shows that trying to substitute politics for policy and showmanship for substance doesn't work as a long-term strategy, because too many problems go unsolved.

And he's lost control of Congress--the hearings on Alito won't be until January 9, which is 2 months away, after the Iraqi elections. A lifetime away.

I don't see how they get it back.

I work with people whose response to this news was a.)one man with Jesus is a majority and b.)who cares as long as the 35% own most of the guns.

We're not out of the woods yet. Consider the nation's condition to have been upgraded from 'fcuked' to 'screwed'.

You forgot blued and tatooed.

nonetheless, an upgrade. This is the revolt of the moderates.

Too bad it didn't happen in Oct. 04.

The number I would like to work out is how small in a free society must a minority be before it can't materially change the course of events regardless of how ruthless or violent the minority might be.

Complacent, lazy or uncommitted majorities have been rolled by committed, engaged minorities over and over again in history -- ask Kerensky.

Well CBS puts him at 35% with a 57 % disapproval number.

I remain a most partisian commentator, and the most important thing to do now is let the VOTERS in the relevant Congressional districts know the percentage of votes their members have voted with Bush. This must be multi-issue. The disaffection with Bush has to be related to the congresscritters.

How to do this?

From out in the field: Democrats in CA know that the way to defeat Arnold's intiatives next Tuesday is to nail him tightly to Bush (after all, we're pretty darn blue) and it is working. They are all polling below 50 percent and if GOTV works, they'll go down. Arnold dodged meeting the Preznit a couple of weeks ago. That's what it will take all over the country -- tie those local Republicans to their failed President and don't let them weasle out of the connection.

Well, it's about f-ing time.

Americans have been saying goodbye to the 9/11 Stockholm Syndrome for awhile now.

Countdown until Bush's approval is worse than Nixon. Heck, his presidency is already there.

Great graphics comparing Nixon with Bush at comparable points in their presidencies. He really is headed into Nixon Territory; at this point Nixon had lower disapproval ratings.

What integrity? The most glaring example of his total lack of integrity was his fight to preclude a vote recount in Florida. An honorable person would not have done that. Can anyone give me an example of his integrity? Of course not.


Bin Laden's cohort were a pretty small minority in their countries. Likewise the assassinators of Yitzhak Rabin.

The real PNACers were a minority even within the Republican elite.

If a minority can find a weakness in a large system, they can do some really outsized things.

Time to clear some brush.

So who can trust the ABC News? this is the Awful Broadcasting Company their all liars despite the fact that disney owns it

bird of paridise, it's the WaPo that conducts the poll. And it's been one of the most Bush-friendly polls since 2000.

And it matches every other poll, including Fox news.

Sorry, no excuses. You're busted.

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