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November 14, 2005


from Froomkin:

President Bush on Friday launched his third presidential campaign -- this one to salvage his reputation, and what's left of his second term.

His goal this time is not to win an election; it's to gain back the public trust.

You can't do it, George. That would take character that you just don't got.

go, Dan!

But Bush's argument is deeply flawed. Far from being baseless, the charge that he intentionally misled the public in the run-up to war is built on a growing amount of evidence. And the longer Bush goes without refuting that evidence in detail, the more persuasive it becomes.

And his most prized talking point -- that many Democrats agreed with him at the time -- is problematic. Many of those Democrats did so because they believed the information the president gave them. Now they are coming to the conclusion that they shouldn't have.

Like other Bush campaigns, this one will inevitably feature the ceaseless repetition of key sound bytes -- the hope being that they will be carried, largely unchallenged, by the media -- and virulent attacks by the White House on those who dare to disagree, even going so far as to question their patriotism.

Yeah, that's about it. And I predict that this time, it won't fly.

What makes it even worse is that trust and character were Bush's core selling points.

Compare to Clinton. No one ever mistook him for Honest Abe, but his selling points were hard work and competence. When he looked like a bumbler in 93-94 his polls went in the tank. But he dug in, busted his ass doing the job, brought them back up, and sailed through the whole Monica/impeachment thing with numbers in the 60s.

Bush is in the worst possible situation. You can recover a reputation for competence by being competent, but how do you restore a reputation for honesty after being caught in really serious lies?

-- Rick

I love those poll numbers, and they may do wonders to stop the Administration when it comes to domestic policy. But until Bush is out of the White House (and Cheney doesn't take his place), we're going to continue to see hundreds dead in Iraq every month and one of the most openly imperialist foreign policies since Teddy Roosevelt was running things. We've got 1162 days left of this regime, unless both these guys are impeached and convicted.

What truly amazes is Dubya's administration's belief that they can just issue talking points when the public sentiment clearly labels them as untrustworthy. They don't understand that the public now rejects everything they say as lies. Talk alone won't solve the problem, as they managed to finesse it in 2002 and 2003. Now, they must perform and change policy to persuade a skeptical public that they know what they're doing.

I must confess that there is nothing so pathetic as an organization, which has relied on image to maintain its elite status, finding that they now need to rely on substance. Just think about your own experience with companies from whom you've purchased products or services which proved to be totally bogus. What was your response to the sales person or the marketer who contacted you again. You wanted a discount and an ironclad guarantee of performance. What's Dubya gonna do with bad policy to begin with?

A 53% majority say they trust what Bush says less than they trusted previous presidents while they were in office. In a specific comparison with President Clinton, those surveyed by 48%-36% say they trust Bush less.
This must make Bush's head explode.

If he hears about at all. Aides could be too scared to bring it up to him.

Google this - "would you buy a used car from this man?" - and make sure you put it in quotes so it searches for the phrase. Enjoy!

The most stunning part of this is that Bush is trying to rebuild his trustworthiness by lying about the lies he's told. It's hard to believe that can work out for him.

Once the goopers decide he's radioactive, there won't be many allies to repeat those talking points anyway.

A few months ago my head almost exploded whenever I saw a pol that said a whopping 45 percent of the US electorate approved of Preznit. I thought those folks just HAD to be brain dead!

But now that truth and reality seem to be creeping back into the picture, and that the Bush/Rove/Cheney lies are finally being seen for what they are, well, maybe we're about to awaken from the long nightmare.

But three years is a LONG time. That's scary, eh?

I must confess that there is nothing so pathetic as an organization, which has relied on image to maintain its elite status, finding that they now need to rely on substance.

You have just described just about every religious authority in the world, and yet somehow they survive with power and thrive periodically.

Maybe the next Bush turnaround attempt will invoke "the almighty is on his side" again! Don't laugh as I think either a terrorist warning or a god is on my side decree (or both) will be soon forthcoming.

The President who cried "Terra!" is finding the reaction more and more skeptical.

For one thing, no terrorist has ever destroyed an American city. But Katrina and Bush did.

Osama? Yeah, yeah......but if he strikes, can he leave a million homeless? If he can't, he's hardly worth our attention anymore. We are afraid of THIS WINTER. We are afraid of NEXT HURRICANE SEASON. Because George has offered us NOTHING to help us survive.

This is a violation of our very reason for being a nation: to help each other survive the land and everything else God and man can throw at us. BUSH IS NOT HELPING AMERICANS TO SURVIVE. If we are attacked by weather or terrorists (and the weather is much more frightening), Bush will leave us begging for water and medical aid as if we were Pakistanis stranded in distant mountain settlements.

Bush will leave us to die. We know it. We saw it. The rest is commentary.

A few months ago, Elisabeth Bumiller, top apologist for Bushco at the NYTimes had a fluff piece on "the songs on Bush's iPod", which included "My Sherona." (!?)
This immediately made us want to make a playlist of the songs that *should* be on his iPod. The first one that came to mind was Sam Cook's "Don't know much about history..."
Also, "You're no good" (by Linda Ronstadt), "War" (what is it good for? absolutely NOTHING...quoted just today by a Cheney heckler) and
"Liar liar" (..."pants on fire; your nose is longer than a telephone wire").

We need more. Suggestions accepted.

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