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November 02, 2005


It makes perfect sense he chose from the cabal/conspiracy. If he chose someone from outside, it means that another person having access to the lies and corruption. In addition, it in theory also keeps the dark lord in the loop on what Hannah is or is not saying, alternatively giving Chaney a chance to "shape" what Hannah does say. More circling of the wagons, although if the wagons were any closer they would be behind them.

Although, of course, we could make a list of people who had been promoted in the past couple of years--and it would almost coincide with the people who were proving good little silent soldiers:

  • Abu Gonzales
  • Condi
  • Bolton
  • Stephen Hadley
  • Karl Rove
  • David Wurmser

Should we throw in Harriet Miers?

And who got chased out of the Adminsitration? Colin Powell, Ashcroft (who failed to pull off a good cover-up), why did Cathie Martin, who is also talking, leave?

Anyway, makes you think they were holding off on a Hannah promotion until he had definitively withstood the wooing of Patrick Fitzgerald.


I didn't like that end bit, about the lawyers being doubtful the testimony would ever be made public.

If Fleitz is the guy who gave up Plame, his ass should be in jail. If she was truly as covert as we're led to believe, there are only a few people who had access to that info. And if Fleitz was one of them, that shows a major betrayal of trust and willful disregard for national security.

I wonder if Bolton isn't the key to all of this, and one of the reasons he *had* to be at the UN was to prevent being subpoenead. Can you imagine him hiding out for days, weeks, months in the UN building?

The only reason Fleitz would ever go to jail wrt this is if he could be proven to be in a conspiracy to out Plame ... if he knew the information was going to be used maliciously and counter to security regulations. Given that we don't even have an IIPA or a espionage case, I doubt that's going to happen.

Here's another unlikely possibility.

Suppose everyone agreed Libby would take the fall for Dick. So they needed to make sure to close off all the bits Dick was personally involved in. Suppose he called Bolton to get that info and got it himself from Hannah and or Wurmser. (Why not BOlton himself, no idea).

SO their job was just to further implicate Libby, and make sure Dick was clear.

Voila, Libby indictments, no Dick indictments, and a nice promotion for Hannah. Not sure what Wurmser got out of it? A new Middle East?

EW, your theories make a lot of sense. Hannah and Wurmser are part of the firewall around Dickus Maximus. Do you think that Fitz will be able to get enough corrobating testimony on the VP without them to indict Cheney? If Cheney's people are closing ranks, does this mean that Fitz has to find another avenue of attack? (WHIG?) If so, the pressure on Rove is growing.

wait, so do you still think fitz is gonna issue more indictments? 'cause it sounds like maybe we've overrated him a bit (or more accurately, underrated the difficulties of going after white house officials).

it's not directly related to this post but to the whole web of conspiracy:

raw story says "bolton's chief of staff gave information on outed agent to libby, ....."

(i think that should read "information to out agent to libby ...")

be that as it may,

where's the misdirection coming from?

-- from alan foley downplaying fleitz's "status" to protect fleitz from scrutiny


-- the raw story sources misdirecting attention away from foley and cia to bolton, et al and state.



for a brief while it seemed so calm. fitzgerald must be at it again.

is this leak to protect the office of P or v-p ?

Hey EW, a few thoughts crossed my mind as different names pop up, one recurs when reading your comments on red herrings. There may be other crimes right under our noses, only we don't see them without recentering our perspective. Last year was an election year, as E.J. Dionne pointed out in his comments about the ruse working; they didn't lose the election because they strung us along for over a year. But what if some of the crimes are violations of election laws, not just those cited in Libby's indictment and those we've already speculated about (IIPA and Espionage Act violations)? What if the reason it's hard to see Rove is that they shielded him deliberately to keep the reelection campaign separate from operations -- and perhaps one of the issues we can trip them on is related to a breach in the firewall between B/C'04 campaign and WH operations? Perhaps this explains the red herring-like whack-a-mole game, with a different leak suspect popping up every day; the leak may have been covered up by reelection-related manipulations...hence Ari pops up (operations) and Rove recedes (campaign)...?


Remember, my theory on Foley is just that, a theory. The primary reason I don't think senior CIA official is Fleitz is because I don't think he'd be called senior like that. But I could well be wrong. So maybe it is Fleitz, and that's part of the coverup.


An interesting thought. Although the coverup started slightly earlier than they would have had to coverup that kind of thing.

But worry not. There's that NH phone-jamming case that might get us to the policy/re-election stuff.

keep your friends close and your enemies closer

But worry not. There's that NH phone-jamming case that might get us to the policy/re-election stuff.

This is the first I've heard of this one! Could you give us a brief synopsis?

If something concrete came out on election fraud ... sigh ...

Those doing research on the Niger lies might want to look at this background briefing in the White House on July 18, 2003.


Maybe there's nothing new -- or perhaps some useful pieces of that puzzle.

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