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October 17, 2005


Interesting to note that they are starting saddam's trial now, just in time to give the GOP BOUGHT MEDIA an excuse to ignore any possible indictments.

Maybe the trial will be covered by members of the media sporting new "security clearances," conveniently printed on the backs of novelty "Bikini Inspector" cards.

I like to diminish the quality of the discourse in my own posts right away, in case you hadn't noticed.

I like the person who noted that in WWII, these current WH folks would have been taken out and shot.

The above may be metaphoric, but in those days, revealing clandestine secrets was not recieved well.

Well, the focus has changed, somewhat. Today, loose lips "create jobs" at shipyards.

Here is what's going to happen:

Whether or not he is actually indicted, Cheney will be forced out by his party for "health reeasons." Bush will be forced to accept a new VP who can both shore up the presidency and stand first in line for 2008. McCain?

So okay Mr Kristol, let's review shall we?

1. Who asked the Justice Department to investigate the Plame outing? Was it a) The Librul Democrats? or b) the CIA?

That's right! It was the CIA.

2. Who ran the Justice Department that agreed to investigate the case: was it a) those pesky librul Democrats? or b) the Bush Administration?

That's right again! The Bush administration! Aren't you smart! And the Bush administration is a) a bunch of pinko lefty Democrats? or b) the apotheosis of all conservative hopes both Movement and Neo, led by God's Own Chosen President?

B again! You deserve two M&Ms for that answer! Do you want blue? No, red, of course.

Last one, for a whole bag of yummy M&Ms: when John Ashcroft recused himself from investigating the Plame matter and Fitzgerald was brought in, it was because a) Ashcroft was really a crummy pinko Democrat who only pretended to be conservative? b) the Pinko Democrats made him do it using their overwhelming power as the minority party in all three branches of government? or c) a rare burst of integrity from a True Believer whose back was against the wall because the conflict of interest was so obvious even the True-iest Blue-iest True Believer couldn't come up with a way to squirm out of it, plus they had already had 24 hours free and clear to shred the worst documents and so cross your fingers....

Which one Mr Kristol? Don't forget, this is for all the M&Ms, so think before you answer!

Whether or not he is actually indicted, Cheney will be forced out by his party for "health reasons." Bush will be forced to accept a new VP who can both shore up the presidency and stand first in line for 2008. (McCain?)

Is that brilliant or what?

Just think about it. Americans will be relieved to know we won't go to hell in a handbasket with Chimp alone in the WH. And in 2008 they will be so grateful to the Republicans for saving us.

In the October Atlantic Monthly French intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy wrote about Kristol in Part IV of his series "In the Footsteps of Tocqueville." He notes that what links him to someone like Kristol is longstanding anti-Communism and rebelling "against the way the West had consented to the enslavement of the countries in 'captive Europe,'" and a desire for a more idealistic foreign policy.

But he also finds Kristol very different from himself and other European intellectuals, particularly in the ways that Kristol adopts the social conservatism of the more extreme members of the Bush Adminsitration. When he mentions to Kristol that the issue of the "Weekly Standard" lying on the table seems inordinately preoccupied with "the women of the Clinton scandals," Kristol is embarassed. "I sense that he thinks a European can't accept this mingling of politics and trash, so he plays it down." Kristol seems to be saying that this is the price of getting a foreign policy they can really get behind.

Levy then administers the smackdown:

"Let's agree his annoyance isn't feigned. In that case the whole question lies right there, and in my mind it is almost worse.

"When you uphold one goal of a given faction, do you have to uphold all of its goals?

"Because you're in agreement about Iraq, do you have to force yourself to agree with the death penalty, creationism, the Christian Coalition and its pestilential practices?

"When I have dinner with someone in a restaurant, do I have to order all the courses in the menu?

"Or, on the contrary, isn't the privilege of what we call an intellectual--isn't it his honor and, at core, his real strength, as well as his duty--to continue to defend his own colors, even and especially when he lends support to the government on a specific point?"

And this is what separates them: Kristol "is a Platonist without the ideas. An adviser to princes without detachment or reservations. An antitolitarian who, at bottom, is not as faithful as he would like to think to the heritage of Leo Strauss and Hannah Arendt--and who, for this reason, deprives himself of the necessary freedom that the status of intellectual should imply."

In short, Kristol is a hack who has sold his independence and integrity for what he fancies is "influence" and a place at the table. But precislely because there is no core of values there except helping to hold onto power, he can't see that the criminality is inherent in the accumulation of power without oversight. He is, in this, a betrayer of Madison as well.

This line of thinking of his is just so much more trash. Really, what can you say about this group and their preoccupation with Clinton? A bunch of guys who didn't get enough when they were young and so have such a visceral envy of Clinton that they just can't stop thinking about him?

And I think your main point is right, that we are seeing how people act when they think they are never going to be held to account.

Again, power without ethics, without objectivity, in service of their own cult of personality. It would be pathetic, if it weren't doing so much damage to the country.

DrBB, the blue ones taste better.

Note, Libby Sosume, that the new VP has to be approved/ratified by Congress, a la Ford replacing Agnew. McCain may be running for President again, and other Sens, who see the next Prez looking back in the mirror, may not be overeager to endorse.

I'm sorry. I've been following this theme for a day and a half now and I still fail to see the term ex post facto anywhere. Is it Kristol's view that none of what is being discussed here was a crime previously and that prosecutors are making up new laws so they can raise their indictment quotas?

I say Bush leaves the Vice Presidency vacant. God, after all, is his copilot. Plus, he could give a crap about annointing a successor, so long as it's illegal to appoint Jeb.

MB, great point. Perhaps Kristol was frightened off by the cognate, "facto."

Speaking of pushback memes, via swopa, check out this piece of absolute comedy gold. Also via swopa, check out how this shit has already made the rounds.

park, that's classic:

The case has been a revealing and disappointing look into how Bush administration officials tried to work with various reporters, in order to counteract false accusations about the administration’s Iraq policy that had appeared in the press. In the end, they failed. It’s a failure that demonstrates the folly of trying to curry favor with the liberal press.

Remember, you can tell what they're up to be seeing what they accuse others of doing. Mirror world.

criminalizing politics: this article in today's Times brought it to mind again.

"In the end, the very word 'corruption' has been bandied about so much that it now seems to mean a thousand different things, some of them perfectly legal.

Bashir Akinyele, a high school history teacher in Newark, said Mr. Corzine was 'corrupt' for recently donating more than $2 million to black churches in New Jersey...

Mia Gibson, a musician in Camden, said Mr. Forrester was 'corrupt' for making millions of dollars from his prescription-drug-benefits company."

The Times writes it from the slant of "tut tut, those dumb voters," saying politicans are accused of corruption so often that now "the meaning of corruption is deeply personal and multitextured."

The other way of writing the piece of course would be "tut tut, those weak laws" and pointing out how the legal restrictions on campaign finance and activities are lagging voters' sense of morality so severely that many actions that on their face seem unethical are, absurdly, legit.

In short, though the Times misses it, there may be a ready-built base of support for the notion of criminalizing much of modern politics. About damn time.

In the same way that Democrats still call the shots on Capitol Hill, despite a Republican Senate majority, the Times and other liberal media forced the Bush administration to agree to their demands for an investigation in the CIA leak case.

Yes, it's the old "Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?" routine. Again.

Well, it's clearly true about calling the shots. Reid nominated Miers, right?

Once upon a time, before wwwLand was invented, I regularly wrote parody. But the links park has given us proves that I was wise to opt out of that biz. I'm not smart enough to satirize ethical flat-earthers.

"...The Times and other liberal media forced the Bush administration to agree to their demands for an investigation in the CIA leak case."

The CIA went to Justice and demanded an investigation.

I mean, is there no limit to the up-is-downism of the Party apparatchiki?

It's not the criminalization of politics... it is the politicization of Organized Crime.

Mimikatz --

I think the high-school weenie subtext extends beyond their obsession with Clinton's phallic achievements. The whole neocon foreign policy fascination with "toughness" reeks of people who have never gotten over the big kids beating them up and taking their lunch money.

Think about their image of the US as a "pitiful helpless giant" being kicked around on the UN playground. Partly this is an unending obsession with Vietnam - yeah, ironic that they got us into an essentially similar jam. But IMHO it also has a subtext of the 98-lb weakling syndrome.

-- Rick


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