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October 27, 2005


And just when you thought you had begun to learn the difference between reality, TV, and reality TV: America's Next Muppet

Viewers vote to choose a puppet. In this case, the puppets are actually Muppets, and ABC has ordered a script and five episode outlines for "America's Next Muppet." The premise, The Associated Press reported, is reminiscent of that of "American Idol," in which an audience vote chooses potential new stars.

Maybe not a bad idea for picking SCOTUS nominees, too, eh?

More Coulter:
"... what happened today demonstrates that the movement conservatives, or the radical right wing as we're being called, is the one with the power in this relationship. ... it would be fine if Bush nominated a wonderful, qualified conservative like Janice Rogers Brown. Even if she's defeated, that is a victory for Republicans."

How is the Borking of JRB a victory for Republicans? Particularly after they lose the nuclear option vote? Do they expect Specter to pull the trigger for JRB?

The Borking of JRB is a victory in that it proves that the evil liberal elite still rule the country, and you need to send $50 to me right now to help stamp out their reign of terror.

It's a victory in the "feel good" sense. Bork may be an issue they dredge up now to excite the base, 20 years after the fact, but it sure wasn't a victory at the time.

True wingnuts want the fight even more than they want the results at this point. But implicit in that is the fact that they don't really feel they will lose the fight.

Does this mean I'm not getting the fifty dollars?

Harriet Miers' blog has switched from its normal cheery pink to mourning-black with a single candle burning. sniff.

"Movement conservatives" believe they win when they win, and they also win when they
(a) punish the party for nominating a squishy Republican, by helping him lose, and
(b) nominate a movement conservative, and lose -- nobly and tragically while proving their instestinal fortitude and spreading their gospel.

They think they only lose when a moderate Republican wins. They credit this strategy for their cumulative success. (In my view, this misinterprets the major arc of 20th century history.)

Not unlike certain netroots "progressives".

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