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October 01, 2005


So, DHinMI, you got something against consistency? Geez.

And if that doesn't work, we'll blame McGovern.

Here's what gets me.

After a brutal political month, Republicans are scrambling both to reassure their conservative base and to send a broader message to the American public - that they are, in fact, confronting the real-world issues of soaring gas prices, Hurricane Katrina relief, Iraq and immigration, while the Democrats are consumed with partisan warfare.

They really act as if if they're above criticism. Any criticism at all in public must be partisan, and meanwhile in private they emply their Abramoffs to raise monet for Swift boating anyone who dares cross them. They're not just an Imperial President, they're an imperious party.

And if not McGovern, Al Smith.

I bow before your courage and connections, DHinMI. And this document certainly proves they know how to stay the course.

BTW, I owe you a big apology: I've invoked your wonderful "freedom from fear" post several times, but I've been misattributing it lately to DemFromCT (probably created a mental link to DemFrom's equally wonderful, if just slightly shorter, "we will not abandon you.") Just needed to get that off my chest...

Hilarious and witty post DHinMI.

Just to run with this a little, the weird feedback loops abound: George Bush played into bin Laden's and other salafists' hands by invading Iraq (and then further by screwing it up so completely), while Bush's domestic political oppostition - the Democratic party - is playing into Bush's (and Rove's) hands (at least a little) by having circular-firing-squad arguments about whether the Party should copy the Republicans' lock step discipline model (as if voting for the Roberts nomination were morally equivalent to voting for the Bankruptcy Bill). Wacky!

rj: five Hail Marys and five Apostle's Creeds, and I'll grant you absolution. ;-)

Seriously, quoting something we've written is the highest complement we can get. Thank you.

You're most welcome; thanks for the work. I only wish I had the opportunity to quote it to the Dem leadership.

Hail Mary, full of grace...

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