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October 10, 2005




watching the game, eh?

0 :)

I could not ask G-d to save the Red Sox one more time. But I could ask G-d to let the Yankees go at the same time!

Nah. Sox went first.

Three whole days! I suppose that is a critical time in terms of bird flu. The federal government has the capacity to make itself more useful by coordinating the purchase of drugs than it has been in other recent disasters where material help was fragmentary.
BTW, baseball blogging will now retreat to C&J...

Because of poor nutrition and public health systems in third world countries, such as the United States, the effect of avian flu will be considerable. In more developed countries, such as those in western Europe, the effects may be more limited. Don't forget that the 1918 outbreak came at the end of a long and very debilitating war where food was used as a major weapon. Also, the weather that year had been very bad.
Republicans in America may say 'so what', but there is evidence to suggest that the 'Spanish Lady' changed the course of history. In the Germans last major attack of WW1 in March 1918, many German units, particularly the assault units, were depleted as the result of flu. Because the British had been affected by an earlier milder flu strain, they had some resistance and so had fewer flu casualties. The British (including Dominion units) and to a lesser extent the French defeated this attack and then successfully counter-attacked. So Germany went from the possibility of a draw (France out of the war, Britain isolated off the coast of Europe, United States of Europe under German leadership, United States isolated by two oceans) to the certainty of defeat (Treaty of Versailles - Adolf Hitler - World War 2 - United States the only superpower). Perhaps the Spanish Lady really did fuck the world up more than we know.
BTW, I have seen reports that the 1918 flu virus was first isolated in Kansas.

The Spanish Flu didn't start in Spain. Censorship in WWI made Spain (neutral) one of the few countrties that'd write about it.

Other reports put the flu starting in NYC. James Barry's Great Influenza ia a great source. See also 1918 flu at Flu wiki.

That comment -- conjuring images of soldiers shooting as sick people try to cross a cordon sanitaire -- could have been a scare tactic.

To scare whom, and why?

The virus?

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