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October 18, 2005


Want to retrieve customer service jobs from India? No problem. Just be willing to work for $8,000 a year and we can set you up in Omaha.

My $.02 on the intellectuals. I had to do work extensive on both Eco and Havel for my graduate work. Eco, in some of his "hipper" work was nothing but a post-Marxist ignoramous. Who certainly didn't do his homework. And Havel, well, as I've said to the blogmates, he's only my third or fourth favorite Czech dissident. He was ineffective as President.Even worse, he has joined the new Committee on the Present Danger, which puts him in the company of the best Neocons. Why did Havel score big but Mandela doesn't show?

And FWIW, I have a lot of big disagreements with Habermas (he too didn't do his history homework). But it's respectful disagreement.

In the period that wages have stagnated, CEO pay is up 600%, I read today. Income inequality is just getting worse, and with the pie shrinking from inflation and slower growth, and people not making the connections between their own economic position and recent economic policies, it will be some time before it gets any better.

what's a public intellectual? The phrase makes me think of Walter Lippmann, hardly seems suited to the blog age. I've heard of 12 of the top 20 names; have some association of who they are for 9 of the top 20; to my recollection in the last decade have heard, read or seen maybe 3 of them. Are they not public enough or am I not intellectual enough?


It's humanities and politics heavy. You scientist types, I guess, don't count as intellectuals (where is Page when I know she'd thwap me for that statement?)

I was in Detroit working with labor folks when the UAW givebacks hit the front pages. Talk about folks kicked in the stomach. The anti-union Detroit Free Press crowed. Here's a sample: "The fallout from Monday's deal will be felt by every Michigan schoolteacher, municipal worker or other employee whose wage-and-benefit package was modeled on the auto industry contracts of yesteryear. Say goodbye to the paternalistic employer that promised cradle-to-grave security."

Yes -- we are supposed to work for whatever they want to pay and be grateful.

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