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October 04, 2005


Thanks for clearing that up. I have always wondered what the "I" in "I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby" stood for but was too lazy to look it up.

Eeeuwww, now I'll have that picture in my head all day...

God bless the folks at Knight Ridder; amazing what real journalists can do without the "advantage" of top-level sources.

My mom, half-glibly seeking to explain my uncle's strange behavior (before he was finally officially diagnosed as schizophrenic) used to crack wise that it was the Marines that did it to him. She's point out that the second paragraph of about half the stories about some crazed gunman opening up on a crowd of people included the phrase "the former marine."

I wonder how many stories about murders, massacres and depravities over the next few decades will include the phrase "the former army sniper who served in Iraq."

my AM story was on the iraqi vote. And now:

New Rules on Iraqi Vote May Violate Standards, U.N. Says

The United Nations said today that newly adopted rules for the coming Iraqi constitutional referendum appeared to violate accepted international standards for elections.

In that vein, DH, note the number of murderers whose carry the names Wayne and/or Lee. Like naming a daughter Misty or Candi, it's setting yourself up for heartache.

Are any of you folks following this gem? The conservative movement, particularly the religious right, has got to be stopped:


Kagro, in particular beware of giving your male child the middle name 'Wayne'. Can't find the cite at the moment, but a study a few years back revealed that 'Wayne' is the most common middle name among convicted murderers by a significant margin.





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