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October 24, 2005


It has to start somewhere. The real meaning of Fitzmas is that hopes and fears that it would never start... that Bush would be the Teflon Don.. are gone. Forever.

Visions of sugarplums. But we will sell no whine before it's time.

Bravo... excellent piece of writing, sir.

Wonderful litany of Cheney's sins...

Very complete piece of forward thinking!! I have been making thee points for months with friends, but in piecemeal fashion. I appreciate your effort. There are still black days ahead both in the short term and long term. God knows, and he has presumably told Bush, that cornered aminmals react unpredictibly. We have just such a situation. There will be real shit hitting the fan in the next week or so, and that's just a first coat.

Longer term, we have to deal with the fact that we have committed war crimes, allowed our own people to starve during disasters, and flirted, no-petted heavily with the seven deadly sins. Chief among these are greed and gluttony. sloth is right up there, too, as you point out.

How this all plays out will be both painful and interesting. But mostly painful. To America's psyche, confidence, and well being.

Ah. I love to end the day reading a high-quality slam-down of the High Priest of the Oligarchs, Dick Cheney.

The right wing has been laughing up Plamegate as the tip of the ice cube. My cautious anticipation is that Traitorgate and Wargate will chill them to the marrow.

good stuff along with good advice.

the smear machine has only just begun as fitzgerald v. gop takes center stage. you can count the hours until cable talking heads begin to ape the gop line. sunday, kay bailey hutchison called plamegate a "technicality." in a monday editorial (today), the wsj -- presumably with a straight face -- characterized plamegate as a "policy dispute" between antiwar partisans & administration hawks.

even judy miller issued a not-so-veiled threat from the newsweek piece cited earlier in a response to emptywheel:

Late last week [Miller] told NEWSWEEK she had every intention of returning to work. She also did some digging of her own. "Are you hearing anything about Fitzgerald?" she asked, before quickly hanging up.

apparently it's not enough to blackmail your publisher, destroy a newspaper, start a war just to advance your career; one must threaten an independent prosecutor assigned to preserve essential boundaries of national security with vague exposure of an undisclosed nature to deter said prosecutor from performing his duties.

miller is depraved. likewise the "grand old party." if and when republicans commence "swiftboating" fitzgerald, so will republicans increase public perception that they are the true terrorists, grave and gathering threat, clear and present danger undermining the safety and security of this republic.

Great post RonK (even for someone who probably hasn't maintained balance in this thing).

And if the McNulty promotion goes through, then we've got the makings of a Saturday Night Massacre and the jettisoning of the AIPAC spy case as well.

Yes. Nice job. It's hard to get excited when so much damage has already been done. And one has the sense that the shitstorm is not over.

I mean, they're going to bomb Syria, right? I got that sense when one of the biggest spokesmen in all this, Richard Myers (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, if I'm not mistaken, anyway he is basically the Pentagon's public face for the war, and apparently Rumsfeld's man), told a Senate hearing that Vietnam vets' experience is useless in Iraq. Hmm, yes, that's why this war has gone so well and Desert Storm went so poorly [Desert Storm being waged on the basis of strict adherence to the lessons of the "intervention" in Vietnam.] ... Anyhow, I got the sense that Myers was sending up a trial balloon for the political storm that will ensue when they escalate not by taking dramatic steps to try to stabilize Iraq but by bombing Syria and Iran.

When is Myers going to be told to step aside? I mean, one of the first things my father (I come from a long line of citizen soldiers) taught me about war is that basically, [1] when it starts there are lots of careerists in command positions who are basically incompetent, [2] that war is inherently chaotic [FUBAR, definition of ...], and [3] after soldiers start to die, the incompetents are pushed out by the survivors, i.e., the veterans. But that's not what seems to be happening here, at least not yet. That's why Bush II's docrine of political loyalty before all else is so dangerous, and that's why things will not improve anytime soon. It may take another John Kerry, ca. 1971. I'm sure Kerry has no regrets about what he did then. Myers' worst nightmare is an alliance between Vietnam vets like McCain and Kerry and so on and Iraq vets like Hackett.

Speaking of holidays:

Happy United Nations Day, everyone!

Be sure to send John Bolton a card.

Great post -- too probably true. I can't help remembering that Iran-Contra, a previous go round with these guys, was a fizzle.

TTT -- FYI, Gen. Myers retired in September (replaced by USMC Gen Peter Pace).

One positive side effect of Plan Iraq is that it took the "World Series" of imperial/transformational military interventions off the table.

Another is this: in the case that Bush's eviction proceedings come down to a constitutional impasse or a battle of wills, he is less likely to find the armed forces on his side (in contrast, perhaps, to Florida 2000).

emptywheel -- You have special dispensation as the TNH gang's Designated Obsessor on the Plame Story.

My point is simply that the Plame Story is more than just the Plame Story ... it's the preeminent exemplar of a whole genre.

RonK, thanks. I'm an academic hermit focused on China, so I only make comments when I'm trying to make sense of something that has set off my "danger" alarms and thereby intruded on my little world. Of course, pretty much everything since the Clinton impeachment has done that!

So maybe Pace will be able to help get things done, like finding out what the people on the ground in Iraq really think. I never got the sense that Myers was listening.

TTT -- Myers has received attention as a potential GOP candidate for Governor of Kansas, encouraged by Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Dark Ages).

jan -- Iran-Contra may suddenly become retro-chic, as many I-C names pop up in the annals of Wargate, and as a cautionary example of the misuse of presidential pardons. I-C will be a hot-hot-hot topic this season if current buzz re the Niger yellowcake document forgery pans out.

Great post, RonK. TNH continues to be awesome..

Great job, Ron. The big picture is very scary, because it means that so much is really wrong here. but we have to keep our eye (and direct the public's eye) to the bog picture if we are ever to set started cleaning up this mess. Plame is the McGuffin, but the sins run so much deeper, and getting rid of Cheney is key.

Myers has received attention as a potential GOP candidate for Governor of Kansas

Ha! I knew it! Presidential ambitions! The surest route to military failure, via unwillingness to make decisions that might come back to bite oneself on the ass--and that is pretty much all decisions in war !!!

How's it all playing?

"Both arms around the toilet bowl, throwing up green," is how a longtime GOP strategist with strong Bush credentials describes to us how he's feeling these days -- and not because of bird flu.

With the country's health increasingly threatened by weather and disease, President Bush flexes some bully-pulpit muscle with a 10:00 am Cabinet meeting today. But in Washington, the health craze is about Bush himself, and how his already weakened political standing may worsen upon the indictment of one or more top White House aides in the CIA leak probe.

Reuters has reported that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald "is expected to give final notice to officials facing charges as early as Monday and may convene the grand jury on Tuesday... to deliver a summary of the case and ask for approval of the possible indictments... Fitzgerald could still determine that there was insufficient evidence to bring charges, but the lawyers said that appeared increasingly unlikely." The grand jury will expire on Friday unless Fitzgerald extends it. NBC's Tim Russert noted on NBC’s Today Show that an indictment of a sitting White House official, if it happens, would be the first in 130 years.

"throwing up green" -- One open question: which brewer will be first to bottle a seasonal Fitzmas Ale?

I commend all of you here at TNH. Clearly you have stated well the case for regime change. But please... As we draw close to the lynching time could someone blog about the impending spin storm that the bush administration is sure to unleash. I am nearly alone among my west coast liberal friends in my obsession with these scandals. I am close to giving up landscaping for a couple weeks so I can go downtown with a cardboard sign asking everyone to wake up and smell the shit. How can the average Joe help invigorate our base and help to expose the impending media spin. I have been watching some main stream media and with some help from "Media Matters" and "FAIR" have had just a glimpse at the disinformation campain that is on the way. With EW's illumination of the Mc Nulty apointment on the horizon, how will our country avoid repeating Iran Contra. I'm sure if Watergate was revealed today Nixon would never have had to resign. The media would run with a front page story about a little girl reunited with her puppy and the american attention span would drift off into the next Michael Jackson story. How will we keep the American public on track.

wilbersil -- The Bush team (after they decide who's still on it) will have a damage control scheme ... or a series of them. You've seen several already. ("Ongoing investigation", "Wilson's a partisan", "Wilson's a liar", "Criminalization of politics", "Technical violations")

Fine. Perjury is the new Truancy. It won't save them. It won't go away. Too many bodies, too many holes in the back yard, too much unavoidable stench, too many unexplained charges on the natioanl credit card.

The public will get it, but not all at once. And while some of them are getting it, others will already be forgetting. And many will convince themselves (in long retrospect) it was all politics.

Tend to your landscaping. It's genuine productive work. Reserve a day or two for wallowing in Fitzmas, and reserve time to talk to your friends when they raise the question: "What was all that about, anyway?".

"What was all that about, anyway?"

It was about going to war on false pretenses, and getting caught lying about it. The rest is detail.

Thanks for reply. Your advice is good and will be well taken. Tomorrow I'll return to my shovel. I wanted to let you all know that the investigative work you guys do is really first class. But, Isn't this thing also about stealing elections, and not to sound like an extreemist but some of the reading I've done points out that the plane crash at the pentagon seemed pretty fishy too. Do you think society will revisit some of the 9/11 and election details that were so unpatriotic to discuss at that time?

Well written RonK. Outstanding blog entry.

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