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September 26, 2005


If Kennedy has a shot at beating that pig Sensenbrenner, then there really is a g-d. Old Sourpants won with 67% last time (I believe). I can't find any (free) polling information. Anybody seen any?

I haven't seen any polling, but surely Kennedy knows what he's up against. The current pet blogosphere theory, of course, is that you run energetic challenges at least in the districts of GOP leaders, to make them stay home and mind the store.

Twinkle Toes won re-election in 2002 86% to 13%, beating someone named Raymond (no idea who that is), and won against Kennedy in '04 66% to 32% (with 2% for the libertarian). That's pretty bad, but at least it's trending the right way. So, not impossible. Kennedy doesn't strike me as a particularly strong candidate, but I have to admit that, though the district in question is only about a hundred miles from where I live, the folkways of Wisconsin (especially rural WI) are and have always been a baffling mystery to me.

Anyway, mediocre or not, good on Kennedy for getting out there early. Audio of Lard Ass's hearing room tantrum is up on the Kennedy site - I'd like to see THAT in a commercial; maybe they're saving it for later.

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