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September 14, 2005


Free Republic thinks that the quotes of the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani sucking up to bush with tears of greatfulness in his eyes were the real story of yesterday's presser (proving Iraq was a wonderful success), and were shocked and dismayed to find the liberal media somehow focusing on Bush taking 'responsibility' for the federal response to katrina, as if that were somehow more important than the hired help proclaiming "freedom is on the march" right on cue.

Parallel universe, but the NBC/WSJ poll puts all of that in perspective.

Mr. Bush's loss of support may be particularly troublesome for his attempt to maintain support for the Iraq war. By a margin of 60%-5%, Americans said rebuilding the Gulf Coast should be a greater national priority than establishing democracy in Iraq.

Some 58% say they disapprove of Mr. Bush's handling of Iraq; 55% say the U.S. should begin reducing troop levels there. Indeed, reducing spending on Iraq is Americans' top choice for financing the recovery from Katrina, with 45% pointing to that option.

Just listened to NPR translate Jaafari as saying that today's attacks in Bagdhad proved the insurgency is on the run. I kid you not. Channeling Cheney I guess.

Apparently they ran so fast they could set off over a dozen blasts almost simultaneously.

Having them on the run is obviously a very lethal thing.

Very sad, both for the the Iraqis (in Iraq), and, of course, politically.

We have a fair amount of Iraqi Assyrians (who are Christian) here in Chicago. I'm guessing we won't get a visit....

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