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September 28, 2005


I find the '9/11 Syndrome' explanation to be a bit like Kerek's 'nanny problem' - true enough, but a sort of cover-excuse for deeper problems. The truth is, the MSM (especially TV, of course) had sucked for years before 9/11. I mean, I'm happy for them to save face if it means that they'll get off their asses now, but...puleeze. Hearing Andrea Mitchell admit that the press has been..er..lax lately is kind of like hearing the biggest fuckup president we've ever had admitting that perhaps not everything went well vis a vis the response to Katrina, thereby admitting to human fallibility - gee! ya THINK?!

Actually, jonnybutter, we're not even sure the nanny story was true...Yeah, there's no question that long before 9/11, between their cowering before the bogus "liberal bias" tag and their bowing to their corporate masters, the media hadn't exactly been doing Murrow proud. And 9/11 just magnified the brownshirts-and-big-bucks effect. But it looks like just maybe there has been a "Katrina effect" -- nothing like actually witnessing actual innocent people being devastated by actual government malfeasance to open the eyes and awaken the conscience, I guess. All I know is that, while they haven't come all the way yet, I've suddenly been able to listen to network news without constantly throwing assorted unbreakables at my TV. I mean, to hear David Gregory describe how Bush was "stalking" Rita -- it puts a smile on your face.

Meanwhile, here's my nomination for hero of the week:

"Officer Criticizes Detainee Abuse Inquiry"
WASHINGTON, Sept. 27 - An Army captain who reported new allegations of detainee abuse in Iraq said Tuesday that Army investigators seemed more concerned about tracking down young soldiers who reported misconduct than in following up the accusations and investigating whether higher-ranking officers knew of the abuses.

we're not even sure the nanny story was true.

HA. Yeah, I forgot that.

I've suddenly been able to listen to network news without constantly throwing assorted unbreakables at my TV.

You're made of sterner stuff than I am, RJ. I can take teevee news only in tiny bites. I just heard Dana Milbank say that this DeLay indictment is just like the Clinton scandals (a 'vast left wing conspiracy' har har). arrgggg!

Yes, Fishback is a hero. No doubt he'll get what he 'deserves'....

We'll see what Fishback gets, jonnyb: I think he's one of the more senior people to speak out, and he's planting his seeds in more fertile ground than others who tried before him.

And note that I did say "without CONSTANTLY throwing, etc."...

And note that I did say "without CONSTANTLY throwing, etc."...

lol. Noted.

Before we celebrate corporate media's "awakening," note carefully what they are saying: post-9/11 they gave the GOVERNMENT a pass, not specifically Republicans or Republican-controlled government. In their minds, they may be contrasting the kid gloves treatment of the current president with their brutal treatment of the previous president, conveniently ignoring their underlying partisan bias in giving the Republican every possible break (and then some) and never giving the Democrat even his due. If they are going to start getting tougher on "government" it may be only just in time to bedevil a new (Dem) Congress in '06 and a new (Dem) president in '08. The underlying slant towards the right may very well remain unchanged.

Still, 3 years of even semi-honest reporting about this president may be enough to ensure we do get regime change. It might not have happened, however, even with Katrina, if the voting (and consuming) public hadn't already become disenchanted with Bush.

How right you are, mamayaga (and forgive me if I'm reading your handle incorrectly). The teevee press types know exactly who they work for, and it's not the public, particularly.

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