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September 03, 2005


What amazes me is that people in the media must know that Rove gate is really about the treason case (Niger Forgeries) and that the Special Prosdecutor Fitzgerald is closing in with powerful evidence against people at the very top of the administration.

Karina is mismanaged because the White House is paralyzed. The media businesses know this but say nothing.

So what you're saying is, something here's fishy.

Did you think anything of Hastert's "don't rebuild" remark? I was wondering if he's really that stupid or if it was a loyalist's attempt to draw fire away from his chief when Bush was flailing the most.

Maybe its just that Cheney lacks the heart and imagination to deal with something like this. Here's a guy who basically believes everyone has to stand on their own 2 feet and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. He is all for gov't helping business, but not helping individuals. Does he really have any organizaional skills? Does he really know anything about disaster relief? Maybe they all just recognized there are no winners here and are keeping their heads down. Or Cheney really is ill.


Yeah, I AM thinking they just couldn't deal with this. The delay, I'm increasingly convinced, has to do with them trying to figure out how to fit this into their paradigm. They really did try. Sending money to Robertson's charity. Riley's Golden Rule, an attempt to get towns to pick up the burden of shelter rather than the Federal government. An emphasis on religious charities for secondary housing. And several cabinet members, working the phones, to try to get corporations to pay for this (how do you think they got WalMart to cough up its millions??)

They paused to try to figure out how they could do this using only compassionate conservative methods. I really believe that.

And then they realized it was a tremendous, obvious failure. That they needed to revert to the old methods, even if it exposed the benefits of a real government.

the likliest reason, seems to me, is that he's ill. They're an insanely loyal group; it's a mania, almost a pathology, with them, Basic character trait for admission to the inner circle. I don't think Cheney would & if he did, he'd never get away with it.

OTOH, I recall reading about an unscheduled, also unannounced visit to a famous cardiology unity that, when discovered accidently, was immediately glossed as PR.

What if this heartless sob is taking the long slide & is actually on the verge of dying of a broken heart???


That's why I pointed out Newt's comment. No loyalty there, none. And he has been very closely involved with Dick throughout this Administration as a semi-official official.

I would at least have a little respect for the Dick if he would do a photo op. on a damaged Gulf oil rig. Just to show us regular folk that someone is looking into the hurricane-related "enregy crisis".

Whoa! Energy Crisis; I haven't heard that term in 20 years. Perhaps it should be referred to as the "Bush energy crisis".

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