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September 29, 2005


Actually, it was a trifecta yesterday. Yankees won, Red Sox lost, and DeLay was indicted.

Oh, and can we speculate about why Dreier was unacceptable without being homophobic?

All politics is local:

Despite the current brouhaha, Bloomberg points out that the "larger legal challenge for DeLay may center on a task force led by the U.S. Justice Department that's investigating Jack Abramoff, the indicted lobbyist who boasted of his relationship with DeLay."

And the Dallas Morning News reports that while Republicans in Washington were dismayed, "in Austin, GOP leaders were cautiously relieved, as Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick and other top Republican players appear to have avoided criminal charges."

from the LA Times:

After the dust had settled, an early front-runner to take DeLay's job — Rep. David Dreier (R-San Dimas) — was relegated to a lesser role in the power-sharing agreement, and Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) inherited DeLay's title and a large share of his responsibilities.

Dreier will handle the committee chairmen, keeping them in line during DeLay's absence. In his new role, Blunt will also be assisted by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the chief deputy whip, in shepherding legislation through the House and counting votes.

House aides said that Dreier was initially considered for the lead role, but that some lawmakers complained about bypassing Blunt, who as the No. 3 official in the GOP hierarchy was next in line to succeed DeLay. Hard-line conservatives opposed the 13-term Dreier as "squishy" on social issues, such as immigration and abortion.


Dreier is also from the libertarian/entrepreneurial/business wing of the GOP and does not emphasize social issues generally. This is no doubt partly personal, but also because of the constituency he comes from. He is conservative politically but more libertarian in keeping with the community he comes from. Blunt poses as a social conservative and is from a much more socially conservative area, but he worships power and money above all, just like DeLay.

Both of them are tainted, at least in the eyes of the other. What this shows is the fracturing within the GOP coalition. We have a hard time with our big tent, but the GOP has an even harder time with theirs. With the Dobsonites screaming for a self-evidently hard right replacement for O'Connor, this has to be seen as just one episode in the fight over the fate and public face of the GOP.

From www.brazosriver.com, otherwise known as Juanita's: The World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, comes this little tidbit:

"September 28 - You can write this down somewhere: this is chicken feed. DeLay's problems with Ronnie Earle are minor in comparison to his problem with his connections to Jack Abramoff. This is only a fun little prelude. Write it down. Our Rogue Congressman is in for a much bigger ride than this."

The blogger is involved with Democratic politics in TX-22, so I would imagine he/she has her ear to the ground in ways that national sources might not yet. Although the Bloomberg article (and they seem to be a reliable news source) appears to be pointing in the same direction.

heh. So has this blog. Abramoff is huge. Or, if you will, Earl is a tactical blow, likely lemporary, and Abramoff's is strategic.

I do think Abramoff, not Ronnie Earle, will bring DeLay down.

I've been wondering about Craddick's near miss. Is there a chance that in addition to Sears and a few more companies, Craddick got all cooperative with Earle? Because I gotta imagine Earle wouldn't want to be embarrassed with a failed case against a major politician again. And I'd imagine his case would be a lot stronger if he had one of the real insiders testifying, someone like Craddick.

Also, one of Delay's lawyers was on Diane Rehm today. He said if there was any more evidence than some fairly thin stuff, then Earle was not as forthcoming as he is supposed to be with evidence against DeLay. Sounded pretty accusatory; made me wonder if Earle has something(one) in his back pocket. Would Earle already have told DeLay's lawyers what witnesses what he had, including someone like Craddick?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for DemfromCT to root for it!

OTOH, the White Sox won, so it is more clearly between the Red Sox and Cleveland for the wild card. The way everybody is playing, we may have Roger Clemens at Yankee Stadium for the World Series (perish the thought!)

And at the end of the day, the Yankees have Small and Chacon and the Red Sox...do not. Good job of GMing.

Yankees die. Angels die. The Giants are out. There is no one to root for, only teams and people I dislike less than others. last year was the red Sox, but repeaters aren't as much fun.

Roberts confirmed with only 22 no votes. here's the Dem roll call:


see RonK for explanation of Roberts vote. Seems more and more true every day.

I commented here on September 14:

"the vote should be something like 71-29, and it should take another week or two to get through."

Anyone else come closer?

Not me, 'pockets.

I was amazed to see Dan Burton (R-Uranus) give the standard Republican spin on Mr. DeLay's recent troubles from the platform MSNBC gave him this morning. Given that most members of his own party think he's a nutter among nutters, you would think they'd want to keep him off the air entirely. Perhaps it's an indication that DeLay's stay-on-message efforts are already slipping.

Or maybe not, because Burton didn't miss a beat even once: Partisan attack, charges will be dropped, Earle only goes after people he hates ... er, what? Oh, well, no problem, who among hoi polloi remembers Burton's role in relentless pursuit of the Clintons?

4jkb4ia, it still ain't over. Red Sox-Yanks in Oct when it matters. Cool.

As an FYI, Dick Morris told Hannity last nite that Earle's a hack and a nutter, and the charges won't stick, but btw DeLay is absolutely guilty as charged.

Hey, Meteor Blades, watch yer lefty ragging on those salt-of-the-earth Uranus folks.

Isn't Blunt very possibly a good choice from our perspective? I gather he's pretty adept at the sleaze machine himself.

And as somebody with strong ties to both NY and MA, I guess I can look forward to my customary autumn ulcer...

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