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August 27, 2005


I don't know. I think the Washington Post editorial is fine, with a little editing and punctuation:

"There is no... U.S. strategy in Iraq[.]

[A] permanent national government... [will be] capable of... damaging... the chances for success that President Bush still... faces[.]

...Mr. Bush simply [watches] television... in June [through] Sept."

And by the way, editors, how about a moratorium on the phrase "growing violence in Iraq"? Maybe I'm making the mistake of actually reading your news pages, but it seems to me Iraq hasn't been picket fences and rose bushes since, well, since we got there.

Again and briefly, if we went over there on false pretenses and if what we are doing now fails to improve the situation over Saddam's reign, has a crime of political manslaughter been committed against both the American soldiers, their families, and many of the Iragi people? If punishment is a deterrent to future such crimes, how and who will punish this administration?

On another related topic, people anywhere that demonstrate in favor of a war that has clearly questionable value are scum and sick. Indeed, to flush out such scum, I would set up a sting operation to bring them out with their demonstrations, and I would then investigate each one personally to find out what was behind this sick, blood letting chanting. The situation in Crawford is or could be such a sting operation because with what we now know about Iraq, these pro-war demonstrators are evil sick people motivated by something very sinister, IMHO!!!!!

Contrast and compare:

"I see developments on the constitutional side as potentially disastrous," said Larry Diamond, a scholar at Stanford University and former senior advisor in the defunct Coalition Provisional Authority. "I think the Bush administration has miscalculated profoundly by trying to get this constitution done by Aug. 15 at any price."

ng,the pro-Bush "Cindy doesn't speak for me' caravan is owned and operated by Move America Forward.

Demonstrating in favor of needless killing, even just possible needless killing, is a pitiful site to behold. There must be a more human way to show support for the troops and maybe even the cause of fighting terorism other than specifically holding up pro-war signs to the mother of a soldier killed in what may very well be a total waste of lives!

Vietnam did actually happened and was indeed a lesson in such total wasting of lives!. These pro-war demonstrators should know better. How can they sleep at night?

See previous story on iraq, Vietnam and the polls.

40% of the public supported the war even at the end. Then, 40% was a PR disaster. Now, it's proof Bush is still enormously popular.

Think about it.

The correct answer would be "no the reporters do not read the Op-Ed it might cause a bias " this way they go on reporting the Bush line ..

Vietnam did actually happened and was indeed a lesson in such total wasting of lives!. These pro-war demonstrators should know better. How can they sleep at night?

They should, but they don't. I've met otherwise rational people (i.e., conservative but not rabid right-wingers, who have an interest in military history) who know for certain that we only lost the Vietnam war because of the protesters and the press.

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