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August 23, 2005


There is more to the story… concerning William Weld (former Gov. of Mass) and purported candidate for NY Gov.

This where Weld left last month to mount his Gubernatorial campaign:

Financially troubled college 'temporarily closed'

Major Troubles for Decker College
School connected to Weld investigated

Federal search warrants served at Decker College campuses

Building and Construction Trades Department Calls for State and Federal Investigations of the Associated Builders and Contractors Ties To Scandal- Ridden Decker College

Prior to purchasing Decker College Leeds Weld owned Franklin Career Services

Decker College Closes Campuses Amid Lawsuits, Federal Investigations

Franklin was in collusion with the Student Finance Corporation to defraud insurance company/investors:

Federal Court of Appeals Affirms Lower Court Ruling Enforcing Royal Policies and Remands for Calculation of Losses

Royal & Sun legal battle over US student loan insurance extended

About Leeds Weld:

Ex-New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani chairs the board of advisors to Leeds Weld & Co.

The Board of Advisors of Leeds Weld Equity Partners IV, L.P. also includes: Richard W. Riley, former U.S. Secretary of Education in the Clinton Administration and former two-term governor of South Carolina; Lamar Alexander, former U.S. Secretary of Education in the first Bush Administration and former two-term Governor of Tennessee; Thomas F. McLarty, III, Vice Chairman of Kissinger McLarty Associates; Richard I. Beattie, Chairman of the law firm of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett and former General Counsel of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare during the Carter Administration; and Barry Munitz, President of the J. Paul Getty Trust in Santa Monica, California and former chancellor of the California State University System.

I was the payroll supervisor at Decker College and it totally amazes me that Mr. Weld can even consider running for governor, a position that is responsible for the well being of millions of people, when he walked away from his responsibiliy of approximately a million dollar payroll owed to the employees.

He was at the company and very involved until the heat was turned up by the investigators of the various proprietary boards and FBI. It makes me wonder, as Governor of New York, when the times got rough, would he be there for the people or "walk away" as he has done with Decker College.

People are asking "what happened to all of the money that Decker College brought in", as Payroll Supervisor I can tell you the wages paid to the executive staff was unbelievable considering the size of the company (approx. 500 employees). Mr. Weld alone was the top salary at $750K annually. Several other executive were pulling in 6 figure incomes also. While this would be acceptable for major corporations that have thousands of employees, it is not acceptable for a company of 500 employees. The mismanagement within Decker College and Franklin Career Services was gross.

By the way, I am a Republican so this statement is not politically motivated.

Yes, the comments about Willaim Weld and Decker College are true, but only scratches the surface. I was a Diector of Admissions for Decker College. William Weld knew all about the fraud, he sent a e-mail to all Decker employees saying if fraud was going on the people will leave in handcuffs. I brought files proving fraud to Weld and his Decker Leadership. The result was me being promptly moved to baby sitting duties in Decker College. Yes, Weld's Decker College paid me in a attempt to be quiet almost 50,000 a year to do nothing more that wake students up at the local hotel.. Obviously he can't read things like resumes. As a former Detective I brought those files to the FBI. William do the tax payers a favor, don'r run for a position of leadership, we have simply had enough of yours. Good luck with the soon to come Grand Jury. Looking forward to seeing you. As a hard core Republican for life, I can say I have no use for Democarts unless they defeat Mr. Weld.

I am a reporter seeking comments from people familiar with Decker College's loss of accreditation and William Weld's leadership of the college. I'm a political reporter and Weld is running for governor of New York.

Errol Cockfield
Albany Bureau Chief
P.O. Box 7255
Albany, NY 12224
Office: 518-465-2311
Fax: 518-465-8083
Cell: 646-354-9777
[email protected]

mrs cockfield you can email me your questions i was a ac for decker college

As I read about the entire saga of Decker College, as a former employee, I am shocked to see that one name is not mentioned at all: MIKE MOBLEY. This person was the enforcer of Jeff Woodcox. In fact as an employee of Decker I witnessed MOBLEY threatening recruiters, using violence, carrying baseball bats around and finring people without any concern to their life.

Steve Johnson who tries to portray himself piously as an honest person has mentioned MOBLEY because they both served in the Marines. The truth is that both are dangerous people with violent tendencies, prone to lies and other unethical and/or illegal behavior.

While we may blame Weld for being slightly naive, we should not overlook the activities of JEFF WOODCOX & MIKE MOBLEY, the former a violent alcoholic and the latter a violent maniac, who destroyed Decker by committing fraud, vilence and verbal abuse.

I understand that hunting for Weld is sexy, but if justice is important to you, start looking at the pathetic souls that managed Decker up until April 2005.

Errol - feel free to email me as well. I worked at Decker in the home office and was in regular meetings with Bill Weld during my time there. Everything that I saw indicated that Mr. Weld was serious about the ethical concerns that were brought to him. He regularly updated us on the compliance oversight measures he was putting into place, which included a dedicated staff member to look into allegations, an upgrading of telephone systems to allow spot checks of recruitors' calls, etc. As has been stated before, Mr. Weld emailed and talked to the staff several times about the concerns that had been brought to him, and made it clear that there would be zero tolerance for questionable behavior.

Okay, I don't really have a problem with people thinking they know what they are talking about but this person (Lisa) only worked at the home office for a couple of months at the most. What she heard in meetings was Weld trying to cover his ass so his resume didn't look bad.

His 'zero tolerance' didn't amount to anything because the people really running the show were going to continue doing what they wanted, the way they wanted it. As far as a dedicated staff member looking into allegations, there was
in-house lawyer hired way before Weld to take care of such matters. Fraud and mis-leading info was not new to Decker when Weld became the CEO. He chose not to remove the bad blood from the company and the new mgmt team he brags about hiring were just window dressing and cost a lot of money!

Weld has absolutely no business trying to be Gov of NY since he just walked out on the employees and students of Decker College.

God help NY if he is elected and gets bored. We all know he has no qualms about moving on.

Want to know of other Decker crooks... try a guy named Dean, Gay St. Mary and oh yes a new guy who was known for taking cash "out the back door" Bill Owens....

Does anyone have Weld's home address?
I'm running for Assembly in NY
and would like to contact him personally
without going through his staff.

Dean Loren
411 East 118th Street, No. 11
NY, NY 10035
212 534-9366
[email protected]

I assume you mean Dean Jenkins?

As a former Decker employee I worked hand in hand with most of the top execs including the owners. Most of what i am reading is true. They didnt manage money well, they didnt treat employees fair and they didnt know enough about title IV funding to run the company. Thats why they hired in William Weld, Bill Owens, Mark Stein, Dr Finklestein, and a few others. The Major violation of the Decker big wigs(woodcox, mobley,jenkins and others) is they were just too dumb to run a title IV school. They didnt know the laws or the educational guidelines. Look at Jeff Woodcox the owner. He was a painter by trade guys. He wasnt a genious that had a great scheme to rip off the world. Hes just stupid. Yes he was a bully. So what! This giant hidden agenda that everyone is looking for does not exsist. You have a bunch of guys that got rich from a truck driving school and tried to run 300 million dollar title Iv school. They werent smart enough to do it. They hired the docters in too late, and it blew up. Im not defending them, But alot of the names i see posting werent speaking up until they lost their jobs or in Steve Johnsons case were fired!

Last post is great....lol....I think that Steve Johnson did not meet Jesus until he knew he was out the door like you said. Then he acted like a 3 year old child threw a temper tantrum because he could not work for people "beneath him in age and in his own words stature". And then from what i have been reading tried to extort money from the school,what a real class act this guy was. I have also talked with former employees who stated that Mr Johnson had more to do with digitally altering documents than he is letting on (late nights sound familiar Steve). Furthermore the only way that you would know documents have been fabricated is if you fixed them yourself! I have read a few posts by this guy and they make me want to puke and i hope that when the gauntlet falls it catches Steve as well as the other guilty parties. Previous poster is right about the collection of morons that that greased their pockets with every cent that came through.....they did not have the skills to manage grow and then maintain a operation with this many moving parts. All though i have heard that Mike Mobley and the Woodcoxes have opened another scam school in Columbus, Ohio that train HVAC students....Some one should probably alert the locals to problems that will soon be there. Here is a address to this new scam http://www.contechedu.com/.

Actually, the new school is called Contech Institute and it is located in Columbus, IN. I am a former "C2 Officer" from the Erlanger call center. C2 is just some stupid name Mobley came up with for the department.

Sorry, I did not see that you put the link up.

It is so obvious that the Woodcoxes did not run Decker. All eyes should be on the flunkies that ran the school in the ground. The owners hired a consulting company that did not know a damn thing about operating a title IV school. Not a damn thing. The only thing that the owners are guilty of is not becoming more involved in the day to day operation of their company. The first rule of running a successful business is knowing what's going on in your shit. When Jerry started coming around, it was too late. Anyone who who worked there at the end knows that. I never saw this guy ever. Weld was there, the Woodcox boys weren't. I am not taking up for this guys but the truth is the truth!

And Jeff for that matter.

Interesting that the Woodcox's would not know anything considering that they were in various educational business ventures since 1998. Interesting that the Parent company Franklin Career Services had serious problems as early as March 2002. And a very large lawsuit filed in January 2004 to the tune of 117 million dollars. At what point was it too late? They bought a small business college in downtown louisville in 2002 named Decker College didn't they? Then used it to run a construction crafts program off the coattails of in order to secure Title IV eligibility. At what point would a lawyer and business owner(Gerald Woodcox) be held accountable? In January 2005 Weld took over as CEO of Decker. I am assuming that was done in order to have a percieved person of power and influence at the helm. You think someone would have been smart enough to clean things up but that apparently did not happen. Instead it seems apparent that the people in charge rolled the dice and decided to go for broke. Try and sugarcoat it and post what you want however when it comes down to brass tacks it does not matter what anyone says except 12 people who will have evidence presented to them and will be asked to make a decision. Till then I'll just be patient.

I totally agree with you shamrock. I worked for Jeff, Jerry, Mike and Dean for years.I was there the first day Mike Mobley came on board. I was also there two times they went down and was always paid my last paycheck plus vacation and personal days and also had a layoff slip waiting on me to draw unemployment. And as soon as they got things up and going again we all were called back. I have witnessed Dean Jenkins take money out of his own pocket and give it to an employee to fix there van when he new the girl would never pay him back. I watched him give people hundreds of chances to better themselves with his help. He was for the employee and he believed that each and everyone of us were assets. When we moved from off of blankenbaker to off of hourstbourn they took care of everything and made us as comfortable as posible. Jeff had an event to welcome us to the new building and invited every single employee including there families and it was totally catered. Sherry I love ya to death but I truely believe that a position was created for you because you were dedicated to the old bunch and that was how they operated. If Mike Mobley fired anyone it was because you were a waste of payroll and did not do your job period! Because in times of down sizing he would move dedicated employees to other departments just to insure them having a paycheck a little longer. It seems as though it all went down hill when new management came in and took over. With new management there are usually new employees. It sounds as though most of the new ones are truely disgruntled, but be mad at the responsible parties. I can personally say that if I or anyone of you ran into Dean, Mike or Jeff no matter where they had transplanted to and needed a job or help you would have a job that day with them beacuse you were dedicated. I would also like to tell Dean to keep his chin up because those of us that have worked for you know how stressed and worried about us you are because that is the kind of boss you were. And when you are on top again I will still consider that personal secretary offer.

I don't think I'd ever want to work for these guys only because I got stiffed. I worked in financial aid and did not see any illegal activity. No falsifying of records or shit like that. I find it sickening that now since the owners are in hot water, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon saying they witnessed all these illegal activity. May I ask why, nobody initiated or blew the horn sooner. Everyone is just pissed that they didn't get paid. If everyone received their checks, no one would care a damn thing about this shit.

I initiated and blew the whistle as early as June 2004 with the Kentucky Veterans Affairs on Education. I in fact filed a complaint with the Kentucky State Board of Proprietery Education in July 2004. Do you think these guys got in hot water after they started laying people off? This has been going on a while, just because you didn't have a front row seat for it does not mean it wasn't happening. I'm sure you have been told about me and how it is just sour grapes on my part or that It was a Union thing. In truth at least as far as the certificate electrical course in Kentucky is concerned. They knew as early as day two that the course had no credibility in regards to placing students on prevailing wage jobs. Yet they did not inform the students. They knew for a fact that their electrical course would be of no use in aquiring an electrical license yet they proceeded with the course. I know Leo Bogard lied to the students by telling them they would have everything corrected on that issue by October 2004 yet they never even bothered to appear before the electrical advisory board. For the certificate electrical program they were charging up to three times the cost for a legitimate electrical apprenticeship program. I have no idea what you think you can accomplish by posting on here. I have an idea who you are yet not certain. But I will tell you that every day I worked for Decker I documented what happened and what was said. I kept good notes and I turned it over to the authorities. The owners have absolutely no excuse for not knowing the lack of credibility of their programs and lied to people who were searching for a last chance for success. They charged them an exhorbant amount of money for it and made false claims as to what their employment oppurtunities would be as well as potential earned income. I have no idea what you think nor do I care but it sounds like fraud to me.

How many times has this company been in trouble and out of trouble? It seems as though none of us cared as long as we got a pay check. Many of us had worked there for years, left good jobs and most of us had other family members working there. Its about money, plain and simple. If they made money then we made money. If you worked in Proprietery and was inside then you knew of what was going on all along or did you just get a concience when you no longer received a pay check? The only person I know of that was ever wronged in Proprietery was Vernon period. Most knew that the clock was ticking away and sooner or later no one would have jobs. It has been that way from the beginning. I am not saying what anyone did was right but neither did I care as long as my bills got paid and food was on the table like so many others of us. You know what? Companies come and go all of the time. I was just saying that it was not that bad. When we worked (7 days a week and holidays)we were usually well compensated. We were all together so much so that we were family, and the Dean's and David's and Doughty's were not that bad to work for. And when it is all said and done if these people move on and forward that they would never forget anyones dedication to them.

Remember Me. You worked for a scam operation! Period. If you did not see it then fine. But if you do not now know, you are either blind or part of what occurred. You do not step in as much crap as the companies Compass Educational Holdings and Franklin Career Services did without either doing things in an unethical fashion or flat-out fraud. My money is on the latter. Your defense of the people that you mentioned is laughable at best in my opinion. These individuals knew damn well what was going on and had no problem being a part of it. Keep posting on here to your hearts content and I will always respond but know that one day this issue will see the light of day and the players will be exposed for what they did and you will look dumber than you do right now.

I am wondering as others are if this was truly an ethics call on your part. Usually when it is a true ethics and principle call people are not so defensive and demeaning. I would speculate to say that your actions were based soley on the fact that you are disgruntled thus fabricating a situation for personal gain. One would also be inclined to perceive you as a biased and hostile witness. I do not believe that you are mouthing off in a public venue because you are standing up for something or someone (Decker, employees,students)but that it is a tactical ploy of a deviate mind trying to get even. Furthermore, in my eyes you haved proved yourself to not be credible because of your hatred and distain for the opposing. Please continue to enlighten us. Who is the dumb one now?

Disgruntled? Not hardly, in fact the day I was fired was the day I began doing what I felt needed to be done and I began exposing Decker College for what it was. Prior to that I was restrained to observing and gathering information as well as being an exemplary employee. I have my 90 day evaluation to prove that. But from the beginning I knew that Decker did not pass the smell test and that it's sole purpose was to take advantage of the many educational tax dollars that could be harvested through low income persons looking for a way out of low paying jobs or unemployed. Whether you like it or not my motivation is to not see people be taken advantage of who cannot afford it and I will continue to do so. If you want to question whether I am being ethical or not be my guest for that is only your opinion. In the meantime I know what happened with Decker and know who was involved and any educational program affiliated with any of these individuals crops up I will be there to notify authorities and media to ensure that these programs get the scrutiny that they will deserve.


Right on Broke, couldn't agree with you more.

Right on Broke, couldn't agree with you more.

Please explain the difference. I'm all eyes.

I'm sick of hearing from BV. How about you just shut the hell up. I don't know what crawled up your ass and stayed but you need a surgeon to remove it. Get on with your life; its good for your health and your blood pressure will go down. I hope somebody finds some shit out about you and post it ever-fucking-where.

On your first point: NO
On your second point: NO
On your third point: Blood pressure is fine
On your fourth point: Go for it and good luck!

Hi people - long time reader, first time contributor. I never met the owners of Decker, but within the first 8 hours of my first day, I knew I had landed in a giant turd. I had the employees telling me how they knew that a lawsuit was inevitable; there was a sweatshop (aka Admissions Department) in the backroom, where the mantra was "asses in classes"; a smoking, fast-talking ex-Marine who was the in-house mole for the owners - always hoping to interview the next "Honcho" for the sweatshop, somehow introducing the "asses in classes" mantra to every conversation, and hater of everyone who didn't have the "asses in classes" ideology; a weak "Education Dean" - no wait a minute, CEO, no wait a minute, Flunky-for-the-Brothers, no wait a minute, GE Six Sigma Guy, no wait a minute, "hell-I-don't-know-what-my-role-really-is-except-to-not-piss-off-the-"asses in classes guy"-who-works-for-me-but-not-really-but-kind-of-but-not-really" Guy; and a few instructors who maybe were, maybe weren't quite certified to teach, but definitely didn't know what the hell was going on. There was a guy who was in some sort of 'online education developer' role, who was totally confused about life, and bellyached the entire time around ethics, wondered who was really in charge, wondered 'how-come-everybody-smokes-so-much', and allowed people to refer to him as "Dr.", but didn't have the educational credentials to warrant the title. Very nutty place. Within a couple of days, I got to witness a conversation between the GE guy and a State Official - conversation regarding a complaint (ah ha!, thought I...the employees must have be talking about this when they were discussing the 'legal' issues). The GE Guy did a great job weaving together enough words to leave everyone in the room dumber than they had been before the meeting. Nice job, GE Guy! A few days later, I met a lady at the KY campus.. her only thoughts were around how tough the 'syndicate' was, and how craftiness and loyalty were the primary attributes that kept her employed. I think servicing students and doing work for the academic good of the community may have been mentioned, but more as a punchline. So anyway, while I didn't first-hand observe illegal activities, it was clear that the place was a joke. Unfortunately, a few of the postings are from people who have a certain loyalty to the whole thing...they were probably just on the dole from the owners - flunkies who would respond to the 'Pavlov's Dogs' conditioning. I hope all who were harmed from the operation will be able to recover....consider the rest a good lesson.

shamrocklover, you are making an ass of yourself on this website along with mojo. i am sorry that mobley has damaged your brain into believing that he is a good person but get off bv, he is the most honest man that i know and i would feel MORE than safe working for him, he knows his stuff nicole, unlike your boyfriend mobley does, we will see how long his school lasts. Until then...

Hey Sherrie did you know that a position was created for you because you were dedicated to the old bunch and that was how they operated. Do they not know that a payroll supervisor is pretty much needed when a company like Decker had the turn over that it did or terminated an employee one week and brought them back the next at a higher pay rate? I wasnt sure if you knew that!!!

Thanks Broke for pointing that out! If we really want to get into the positions created.......we could OUT a lot of the lazy a**'s that were paid a pretty salary to do nothing....oops I forgot, they ARE accused of doing something!!! But in all fairness, I'm sure they were paid that pretty salary because "they were dedicated to the old bunch and that was how they operated."

It has been 1 year since the FBI and nothing has become of anything or has it? Are there any updates?

I think I figured out why the new college is named "Con-Tech" Institute. Lauphing at the lack of knowledge and events coming soon to a court house near Lousivlle, Ky.

ConTech is a good program....I guess you guys are rich bitch know it all assholes...get leave Contech out of your bullshit.

One more thing to add...I dont understand why know are point a figure at the staff of Con-Tech?? Please tell me why?

I have heard good things about Contech.Hopefully, this time no students will be screwed like Decker. Whomever is behind this school is opting to take the high road this time. Let's all remember, not everyone involved in the Decker operations were assholed crooks. Some folks were salvagable.

Decker College had its mistakes...Cindi Thomas(the woman now running ConTech) is and very professial person who knows the business and cares about her students and there needs.Lets stop all the fuck'n shit talking.

Maybe you should ask Cindy Thomas why at the end of 2004 beginning of 2005 she went to the Atlanta campus for Decker College and hired Iron Mountain to shred documents for three weeks. Or ask her why someone had to set up an electrical and carpentry class at the business college on May 7th and May 8th of 2004 under her supervision for an inspection by the Kentucky State Board of Proprietary Education.

Or you may want to ask yourself if you are actually a student why you are posting on here in defense of the school and staff when it had been so long since anyone else has. If Contech is reputable then fine. But make damn sure that what they are offering is credible. You should check with the state of Indiana or whatever state you are in or desire to work in to ensure that the course you are taking will be acceptable towards liscensing. You should also check with various apprenticeship programs such as the Associated Builders and Contractors to see if you are really getting your moneys worth by comparison to the classes you are taking now.

You are right BV. It is always advisable to check with these agencies before signing up for any program. I was just commenting on what was told to me after asking extensive questions about the new program. The person who was able to answer is someone whom I trust to tell me frankl and truthfully.

the new website for the school is www.ctihvac.com.....just a way to get away from the media

Mike has never done anything illegal that i know of,but his buisness ethics are shady to say the least.He like to not pay people when they dont do what he wants them to..

I do want to say that all you people on her bashing Mike mobley are out of line,I did Know the guy ,and he has always been a good guy at heart,the kind of guy that would give his shirt off his back...I just dont agree with how he runs things on a buisness level

Ok really please someone who isn't full of shit..give me the reasons that Cindi Thomas and the Staff of Contech is soooo bad.They weren't the reason why Decker closed its doors?Then why is anyone putting them down Danni,Dave,Brandi and Cindi are you wonderful people and have all managed to open a wonderful training program without any issues from the state of Indiana.So someone please tell what the real issues are here?? [email protected]

BV let me say this and then I will stop posting on this FULL OF SHIT web site....STOP TALKING ABOUT SHIT YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I seriously doubt that a Con-Tech student would really be this concerned about what is posted on this website. But if you are who you say you are and you actually get the education you are promised and have done the homework of tuition cost versus more contemporary training programs cost. Best of luck to you.

Oh and by the way Contech student maybe you should look up Decker College on the Louisville Better Business Bureau website. It reads:

12 September 2005,
Kentucky State Board for Proprietary Education filed an Administrative Complaint against Decker College alleging that Decker College in its offering of an "Electrical Arts" program enrolled a student assuring said student that the program was approved by the Veteran's Administration.In fact, the program is ineligible for VA benefits. The student was advised by Ms. Cindi Thomas, former Decker Director of Regulatory Complaince, and other personnel in Decker's Financial Aid office that he would qualify for G I Bill benefits which would cover the cost of his tuition.
This was not and is not true.

Thanks, BV, I was looking into CTI HVAC, but not after what I've read here. Thanks for saving my ass.

Above All, Is CON-TECH/CTI HVAC, A Scam Or A School??? I Am Halfway Through The Application Process And I Need Serious Answers Fast... myspace.com/yourboybigb

[email protected]

i worked for decker college up until the very last day they were open. please do not associate the 2 schools with each other. after everything decker has gone through, i'm sure there is a strong eye being kept on the new school. so i highly doubt it would be crooked. just thought i'd share my opinion. if you are truly unsure, there are simple ways to check accreditation. search online a little further than all the bull sh-t listed above.

For all the people that were bashing everyone associated with Decker, please explain. No one has been charged with any wrong doing involved with Decker. How is that so if they were all so corrupt? People lost paychecks and it sucked. No one complained each payday the check was there. Only after people come out of the woodwork to complain.

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