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August 12, 2005


Dang.There are some more of those devastating poll stats. Six in ten Americans think the prez is not doing a good job handling energy efficiency. Crank in all those other polls in which he's not collecting a majority for Social Security or Iraq or you-name-it and you gotta wonder where these folks were thinking just nine months ago. Punishing the GOP on election day is a wonderful fantasy. I keep conjuring up images of a ballot that looks like a cat-o'-nine-tails, but then I remember that voters so often seem to exempt their own Congressperson, while blasting Congress as a whole.

It's also a matter of direction. On election day gas prices were lower than they had been a few months earlier. And of course, lots of people were less than lukewarm toward Bush but were downright cool toward Kerry.

It was a cliche from most of the pundits, but they were correct: the smarter ones (like Carville, Begala, E.J. Dionne, Brownstein, a few others) said that if the election was about George W. Bush, then Kerry would win, but if the election was about Kerry, than Bush would win. It was mostly a draw, and that wasn't good enough for Kerry, especially after he had been swiftboated.

Gas prices now feel a lot like CA energy prices did just after Bush took office. There's a manufactured crisis and Bush says, (paraphrasing) "That's California's problem -- they're on their own," while his energy company allies rake it in. Substitute California for Iraq: Cahoots then, cahoots now, cahoots forever.

My personal goal: Move out of NYC and get a real job, car, and house, by 2007 -- hoping that by then the gas "shortage" will end, real estate bubble will deflate, and who knows, maybe all these Republicans excited about stem cells will put some money into science funding & cause a small hiring boom. The trifecta.

Ahh, you've painted a fuller picture for why you may have chosen "emptypockets" for a moniker.

My favorite blues line (written by myself): "I've got blood in my pockets; spare change in my veins..." -- but "bloodypockets" didn't sound quite, um, right.

More should be made about equating this huge rapid spike in energy costs as a huge REGRESSIVE tax on the poor, which it really is! The more wealthy won't change a thing in their lifestyles, but the poor will certainly feel this pinch in their ability to travel to and from work and in their ability to stay warm this winter.

Bush, the great tax cutter for the rich screws the poor again. This is becoming monotomous! Now why don;t the Dems make some political hay with this regressive tax concept?????????

Cahoots then, cahoots now, cahoots forever.

That, emptypockets, is prime stuff for a bumpersticker.

Cahoots then, cahoots now, cahoots forever.

MB, reminds me of that "Education of Little Tree" post I've been meaning to write.

This is only marginally on topic, but does anyone know the origin of the ubiquitious 'nine tenths' at the end of every gas price? In the photo, the price of Regular self serve is $3.09 and nine tenths. It's sort of like how any product is '$9.99' instead of ten bucks; even a big ticket item, like a car, is '$16,999.99' so they can advertise it as 'under $17k!'. It's the Nincompoop Effect, but it must work, because they all do it.

My guess is it has something to do with when gas was 20 and 30 cents a gallon and a dollar had value far above today's inflation-adjusted dollar, a tenth of a cent actually had some value.

obsessively thorough contemplation of gasoline pricing practices, especially 9/10 cent pricing & correcting volume for temperature, courtesy google.

$3.00 gas is here already - this is old news, at least in Lohz Ahngeleez. Mobil Gas has the most expensive variety (93 Octane super)@ $2.99/gallon, and Diesel #2 is now between $3.05 and $3.12 at three different companies.

I loooooove watching the SUV morons recalculating the national debt to see if they can get out of the station with a fill-up - it's better than stealing parking places out from under them at the supermarket. Fools with the bad taste to buy motorized ugly boxes deserve everything they get. Particularly the Chevy Suburban morons.

Rupert Murdoch was all for the Iraq invasion because it could bring oil down to $20/barrel (it was then $30/barrel). When is he going to finally feel dudded by CheneyCo and start hiring a different kind of shill for a different kind of FoxNews message?

Theyn will happily pay higher gas prices as long as the GOP protects them from gay marriage. The fools.

Question: Is the price of gas at the pump REALLY directly related to the price of oil?

Do higher oil prices translate to greater profit for oil companies?

Petrol cost $3 per gallon here - UK - round about the time I bought my first car in 1990. It's about $5 now (95p per litre for anyone who can convert). And rising rapidly - funnily enough the petrol station displays here are not geared to a three digit price.....

The single event that put Tony Bliar on the backfoot more than anything else during his premiership - and I include Iraq - was the wildcat fuel protests of 2000 - they almost brought the UK to a halt and had a [sadly temporarily] disastrous effect on his popularity.

See http://edition.cnn.com/2000/WORLD/europe/UK/09/10/britain.petrol/

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