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August 06, 2005


I wrote this post on another blog the other day, but it fits in so well here, that I have to post it again!

It is one thing when you have a war against a clear enemy represented by some political entity/state. It is quite another to be fighting against the shadows with no clear political allegance. Are these insurgents representing a political entity? Are they Iraqi freedom fighters acting like the American revolution militiamen? Are they Islamic religious extremists? Are they Islamic world freedom fighters? How can you fight shadows and win?? Not knowing who the real enemy is leads to killing innocents and making more enemies. A vicious downward death spiral. It is somewhat like Vietnam, but only worse because there is no obvious political state involved whatsoever!!

I think Americans are getting really anxious and confused about this loss of life to shadows with no information coming from our political-military leaders showing any credance whatsoever over time! Time is not the friend of this administration anymore. Even in the conservative central area of PA where I live in, people are beginning to turn on Bush and his lack of objective goals and clarity while more and more men die. I believe the entire Bush house of cards could come tumbling down with the right impulse at any moment. Such an impulse might be something like a military family member, especially a wife or mother, going public with her belief that Bush sacrificed her loved one for no good reason and without a proper planned strategy leading to any clear outcome. A bizarre form of political manslaughter if you will. I think that might be the last straw.

What do others think about this impulse potential being near?

It's there... I hear it from the moderate and conservative R's I know. But the media, cable especially, has to cover it.

And there's still a need for an alternative. Right now, the American people don't see one.

from the WaPo:

Economic News Isn't Helping Bush
Job Growth Up Sharply in July, but Polls Show Dissatisfaction

And when the energy bill doesn't help gas prices, this helps Bush how?

It's coming soon, that's for sure. Question is how BushCo will react. There's always the Iranian option (although the Franklin indictment will make that somewhat more difficult). Venezuela maybe?

The media seems to be turning on Rove, maybe Miller as well. Maybe thry're starting to figure out that people willing to write anything, true or not, to further their own agenda are hurting them more than Bozell and tr blowhards combined.

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