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August 25, 2005


It's an interesting gambit for someone who faces Senate confirmation hearings as Ambassador-designate to the European Community, don't you think? A nomination that perhaps carries its own, Boltonesque "we-don't-want-him-around-these-parts" kind of baggage.

Although I do hear that if your bags aren't packed and you're looking for a delay before you have to leave, personally insulting Debbie Stabenow is a great way to earn a reprieve.

Do you suppose that they have a grand timeline for such stuff, and - because Bush is running his chainsaw in Crawford and Boyden Gray has gone wherever he spas in August and everybody else is also out of town - the software button got pushed on this press release without anyone actually checking to see what the Dems were saying?

I just figured that they had this attack ready to go, and since the Dems weren't saying anything, they decided it was too good to hold in reserve, and substituted NARAL for actual Democrats.

Just as they've been doing with Cindy Sheehan, whom the Rightist Talking Heads have been fond of declaring "a real problem for Democrats," since she's been "backed by" Michael Moore and MoveOn.org.

trial lawyers, pornographers, and teachers -- is that in ascending or descending order of contempt held for them by the right?

(and God help the law school professor who teaches first amendment & obscenity laws -- the unholy trinity!)

That was some trinity, wasn't it? And not a one of them has come out in opposition to Roberts, as far as I know.

Keep an eye out for the used car salesmen, though.

"Pornographers for Roberts" has a nice ring to it. Maybe I'll talk to my movie-biz neighbor; she's got some friends in the San Fernando Valley where a big chunk of the nation's porn industry is located and where rightwing kookery still has a foothold.

I believe Mary Carey [no photo available] could be persuaded to take up that challenge.

"Pornographers for Roberts": I was thinking Jeff Gannon could be chairman.

Thank you for provided the president's personal email address. Now, we will be able to reach around his handlers and tell him the truth; and I am sure he will be shocked, and fire all those people who sheltered him from Ordinary Americans.


You know, I think overtiredness suits you.

And on top of that, I think you should corner the market on CBoyden.org before he gets another promotion. You've got Steve Clemons' tenaciousness with a little more sense of fun...

Yes, I've been searching for the right issue upon which we could build TNH into the next "Outrage Central," and maybe this is it. You can tell we're ready to become important, because we have an abbreviation, and we use italics for it.

Well, we could be different by having 8 outrages. I've got an enduring thing for Bolton and Judy. You can't seem to get over CBoyden. That way people could have 8 times the outrage.

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