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August 15, 2005


Thanks for the heads-up James, you shook 42.03 out of me. God I'd love to see another victory in NE. Makes me think of maps of human rights slowly spreading out from the beachhead in Mass. (and sort of Calif.).

Thanks again James. The .03 is a tip of the hat to you, btw.

I would like to ask some thing, if I may.

I have been literally driven out of my homes for 3 1/2 years now. I have moved 3 times on count of neighbors/landlords/tenants/police departments all harassing me.

I lived in Augusta where it started. I went through terrorism, harassment and gender discrimination. Not really understanding why and how these people got away with what they did.

I then move to Monmouth, again, for 1 full year, I was harassed by neighbors and the landlord until I left.

Now in Winthrop, here we go again. Same methods are being used all over again. Landlord and tenants are harassing me.

I confronted this landlord a few days ago and he is denying every thing that I said to him.

It's all the same, I move in, I'm constantly being watched, questioned and harassed. Laterally driven or forced out of my homes.

I even get the feeling that these all of these people think I'm gay. Which really isn't anyone's business if I am or not.

The Augusta cops always took their side. I was never right in any situation that arised.

I had a Monmouth cop literally get in my face one day. Yelling and accusing me of a crime I didn't even commit.

He backed down when I went right back at him and told him I don't know how many times I have had several FBI back ground checks and passed them all.

Here in Winthrop, one of the cops came bye one day last week and stopped right at the front of my car and spun his wheels. Making sand and rocks hit my car. The landlord here has done this, so hasn't the neighbors.

This is such a long involved story that I am not writing every thing down now.

I feel it's because I am a single female, that's why this is happening.

What can I do about it? Is there any one at all that I can talk to about these issues?

Thank you for reading this, I really do appreciate it very much.


All the comments here are personal anecdotes...I have one as well. I was recently doing construction for a good friend of mine so that his son and daughter in law could live in the upstairs of his house. While I was there I was amazed at the screaming and cursing and pounding I heard in the other apartment in his duplex. I asked him about it and he said it was his two tenants David and Jeffrey. He complained that they were always drunk and screaming at each other. They never paid their rent on time. And were always being violent with one another. Finally one day he had to ask them to leave because they had not paid their rent and were THREE WEEKS over due. He asked them to leave and when they left the still had not paid the months rent. Additionally when the landlord went into clean the place there were holes punched in the wall, beer stains and vomit stains in the carpet and the place was generally trashed. Now, these two guys were a "same sex" couple. Did this landlord kick ask them to leave because they were gay? SInce this is one extreme example should I assume that all same sex couples will behave this way? Why does the gay community accuse the rest of society that does not support homosexuality...as being bigoted, close minded, or discriminating? You say that the so called right to marriage is a civil right extended to gays....where is that explicitly stated in any one of the Constitutional Rights or Amendements? It's not...it's implied based on something that a subculture of people desire...The gay community wants something and it seems to me that anyone that does not support them is labeled "close minded" a bigot, discriminator...etc. It is a screaming double standard that I don't know why more people don't point out....let me put the question to you all like this.....Can you call for the end of discrimination yet discriminate yourselves against people who descriminate? Whether they are right or wrong in your eyes you are hypocrites to descriminate against people that descriminate. You do the same thing that you are complaining about!

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