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August 10, 2005


Thanks to James3B, who's attending to some family matters, for pointing out the article about Thailand.

We couldn't get anywhere (DADT) with a President that used his dick.

We'll never get anywhere with an administration that spends so much time trying to prove they have dicks (to begin with) and then while away the hours trying to prove who's dick is biggest.

Idle thought: If we were to elect a gay President (humor me), would he or she be able to serve as Commander-in-chief of today's military?

Of course this will never happen. If they let all those gay language specialists go, a specialty they were in dire need of, they certainly won't reverse it for combat. And the base would come unhinged.

We allowed gays to serve when they were needed in WWII, but once it looked like the war was won, there was a concerted effort to purge gays from the military. Women were kicked out as well in a witch hunt. This has been carefully documented, by Alan Berube among others, who got the stories 25 years ago when the vets were mostly all still with us and willing to talk.

Mimikatz, which base were you referring to?

40,000? Isn't that a whole division's worth? Didn't Rumsfeld reject a Democratic proposal to add a division to the Army? There's a talking point here somewhere.

To DH: Ha ha. Probably both. Fundamentalists of all (monotheistic) religions seem to hate gays to a pathological degree. I have never figured out quite why, except that according recognition to gays (particularly marriage) seems to them to knock out one of the last elements of their "privileged" status. Lesbians of course are threatening precisely because they don't need men and show that a fulfulling life without them is eminently possible. I suppose that has the same effect.

That Roberts was not bothered by working on a gay rights case suggests to me that he doesn't have a screw loose (at least not that one) and that is some consolation.

There's also the fact that the major monotheistic religions all have their roots in ancient societies, with their ultimate roots in nomadic herding societies, which had many rules about sexuality, marriage, inheritance, etc. I don't think it's a coincidence that in the area of the "fertile crescent," Africa and Central Asia, that rural communities, regardless of religion, tend to practice many of the same customs, such as female genital mutilation, multiple marriages, intense sanctions for homosexuality, arranged marriages, etc.

If you "selectively" read the "holy books" as the literal word of god, you're going to be living by a moral code that comes straight out of herding societies.

hello Mister it is with a great pleasure that we address to you our loves for the Australian army and also for Australia. us two young people black summons African (ivory dimension) we are 18 years old one wants integrated the army Australian but the problem it is that we do not live on the Australian territory we would like to know if there is a possibility for us of integrated this army so strong and courageous please Mister since touts summons us small we revons made leave the Australian army Mister please if you recevés this message help us that god you benise and that it thank you protects Australia from the bad enemis

I would like to be recruited in the army, I think I have what it takes to be a solider. I love my country and I know I have what it takes to serve it well.

i would love to be a soldier, especially a marine. i am 15 and i know i am gay but that doest mean i talk like a girl or dont know how to fight. i want to fight for my country and for my familty and protect what we have and whether i am gay has nothing to do with it at all. gay or straight just means what kind of people you end up in bed with on a night, whoopydoo big deal, the rest of the time we are all just people.

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