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July 25, 2005


I hate to be self-interested in two threads in a row.

But I'm wondering, "when is it no longer prudent to travel to SE Asia?" I've got a trip planned for next month--including India and Thailand--and I just want someone to tell me if it's imprudent to go.

Not because I'm worried that I'll get bird flu. I'll be in cabs and office buildings and only briefly in more public places.

But because of the way folks reacted with SARS, where everyone who had been to China was quarantined. Since I travel as a consultant to and not an employee of the large corporation I'll be working with, they wouldn't be obliged to "take care" of me if I got stuck in Bangkok for a month. So where is the level of prudence? When will they start quarantining countries? Almost certainly not by next month, before I go, but really, when do you think that will start.

not yet.... no evidence of major H2H (human to human) transmission. Stay out of Indonesia, and stay away from live pigs and fowl. Cooking the meat solves the transmission problem.

Thanks, Dem. I'll let you be my travel counselor for the forseeable future. South Africa is alright, I assume, provided that I don't have any unprotected sex?

this link at the Flu wiki will help.

Honestly DemFrom, I have been over there. I just haven't checked in a while. Guess that shows me...

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