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July 17, 2005


What are the implications for mass quarantine in the case of a pandemic? How would panic be quelled? There are many who claim that September Eleven was used to diminish rights and consolidate power. Would this be any different? Would it be worse? Do Americans need to take precautions against draconian measures taken to control the population in the face of a pandemic?

What we need is completely open source politics here. If pandemics require quarantine, we need to have public health officials talk abo0ut when where and why.

The legalities are covered here. The government of the US already has the right to quarantine. Public officilas have a great deal of pre-explaining to do, though, which they have not begun yet. The link in the main story begins to grapple with that along with the discussion on risk communication.

dagor, here's another communication link.

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