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July 15, 2005


Nonak aka BeelzeBob. I like that.

What's interesting 'round the press room is the overt hostility being shown to Fox News by the WH correspondents dealing with Scottie (Stonewall) McClellan.

We'll see if it keeps up when they're all working for one news corp.

I didn't know you read DefenseTech, though in restrospect, it shouldn't surprise me. I think Noah does a really bang-up job of covering his beat with integrity and balance. I find myself worrying for his safety on a daily basis since he shipped out to Iraq on his current story assignment.

Back on-topic: the organized crime allusion is a good one. I got to see the law-enforcement side of the fight against organized crime up close while I was growing up. Any FBI attorney worth his credentials will tell you that the key to a RICO case is getting that first guy to roll over.

It would not surprise me at all if the Douchebag Of Liberty were the first one to turn state's evidence.


Locheed Martin has an awful record of running information systems for governments. They may have improved, but in the late 90's they were responsible for a ton of crappy systems set up at double the estimated price.

Why do they get away with it? Well, because they're one of the only contractors who bids on the work...keeping in the theme of corporate consolidation.

the organized crime allusion is a good one

The Organized Crime allusion is always a good (ie pertinent) one, unfortunately. Thanks for the good post MB.

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